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My friend just posted this picture of her dad on facebook.. He looks kinda familiar


YourAuthorityIsNotRecognizedInFortKickass says:

You talkin to me?

maniakrx8 says:

I have nipples Greg. Can you milk me?

iampoorandsomeoneshavedmyhugecat says:

Rupert Pupkin?

CredwrGwas says:

Is it your dad too?

bagofbees says:

It’s the little meatball of a child from DeNiro porking Gondolfini (rip)

slaptastic says:

Is that a MS Paint Photoshop? Please tell me that’s a MS Paint Photoshop.

HiDoYouHaveAMomentToTalkAboutCrossFit says:

Molely, molely, molely. Gaucamolely

TheBratPrince says:

Fake mole!

tjberno says:

You mean to tell me your name is Gaylord Focker.

KommissarGrey says:

These Shoes?!

iusuallymakemynamebasedonwhatisee says:

RIP Mandela.

MadamImAdam says:

Harvey Keitel is aging rather poorly.

OverCapacity says:

Robert De Moleymoley

cabbagebiotch says:

Am now laughing uncontrollably.. Have my upvote.. Lol

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