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My local grocery store makes people who shop on the right side of the isle regret not shopping on the left side earlier.


reinaww says:

Took me so long.

hideyokidshideyowifi says:

I guess that depends on which way you are walking down the aisle…..

robosaurusrex says:

Thats quite the eggs and juice collection

TittySprinkle says:

*Aisle, Mr. President.

theosmancometh says:

Nothin’ like baby food and condoms

fuzzygreendemon says:


hendeaux says:

idk…babies are too young to have sex

whatithinksoundscool says:

Unless, you know, some people actually wanted kids.

KidNickels says:

Well played store, well played.

DalekFleet says:

Took a while, but I got it

AllHailSatan says:

Dat one point perspective though.

valnaas says:

gives the people who shop on the left side more motivation to use what they buy!

kimttar says:

Look at the aisle sign.

Zephron says:

Because children.

iamireland says:


Yourethemannowdawwwwg says:

Ahhhh because sex

TremendousTiger says:


alltheotherstuff says:

Local grocery store is getting tired of your kids!

WhatWasThatIJustSaw says:

Seems logical to me.

Tefemusy says:

l’opinion trГЁs amusante
Wiling to touch that bikini booty

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