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My Name is Eva: An absolutely gripping and emotional historical novel

You can pay a terrible price for keeping a promise…

Evelyn Taylor-Clarke sits in her chair at Forest Lawns Care Home in the heart of the English countryside, surrounded by residents with minds not as sharp as hers. It would be easy to dismiss Evelyn as a muddled old woman, but her lipstick is applied perfectly, and her buttons done up correctly. Because Evelyn is a woman with secrets and Evelyn remembers everything. She can never forget the promise she made to the love of her life, to discover the truth about the mission that led to his death, no matter what it cost her…

When Evelyn’s niece Pat opens an old biscuit tin to find a photo of a small girl with a red ball entitled ‘Liese, 1951’ and a passport in another name, she has some questions for her aunt. And Evelyn is transported back to a place in Germany known as ‘The Forbidden Village,’ where a woman who called herself Eva went where no one else dared, amongst shivering prisoners, to find the man who gambled with her husband’s life…

A gripping, haunting and compelling read about love, courage and betrayal set in the war-battered landscape of Germany. Fans of The Letter, The Alice Network and The Nightingale will be hooked.

Readers are hooked on My Name is Eva:

‘Could not put this book down, and heaven help anyone that tried to disturb my reading !!…I absolutely loved this book !…I laughed, I cried, I cheered , I sympathized all because of Evelyn…I could so picture the setting and as Evelyn sets out to fool everyone, I thought you go girl !!…I don’t want to say anything else but what a fantastic read…My first, not my last book by Suzanne Goldring. I can’t recommend this book enough !!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘A phenomenal story of courage, love, murder and all the atrocities that go with war.Eva is an extraordinary character, strong, loyal, smart, funny, loving, and brave.A phenomenal read!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘This may be my new favorite book!!!! I absolutely love the premise of the heroine faking dementia in her retirement home to cover up her knowledge of (and possible involvement in) questionable activities centering around WWII events. The tempo of this novel was perfect–kept me wondering until the very last page!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘Absolutely loved this book and its riveting plot!… The author has successfully penned a debut novel that I would highly recommend without any hesitation. An excellent debut novel from Suzanne Goldring and I look forward to reading more of her work. Historical fiction is my favourite genre to read and this book was every bit as good as some of the well-known WW2-themed titles published in recent years.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘A poignant and evocative story of love, betrayal and bravery that kept me page turning and completely engrossed from start to finish. Loved it and would definitely recommend.’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

‘This book was excellent! Totally kept my attention and I wanted to find out what would become of the main characters. Highly recommended.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘Everything about this book is amazing. I love the main character Eva, the way the author integrates the past with the present, and the emotional plot that kept me hooked from the beginning to the end. I’ve read over 30 historical fiction novels in the past year and this one is definitely in my top 10.’ Netgalley Reviewer, 5 stars

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Anonymous says:

Glad I didn’t pay for this Historical fiction, especially WW II is my favorite. This was not. I do not understand the readers who say this book was an all time favorite or that they were unable to put it down. Eva was not likeable or relatable nor was her niece. I am 40% through the novel and not giving it any more of my time. This is what I have gathered so far…. Eva is an old woman, claiming to have dementia in order not to be held accountable for her actions. Her husband was killed during WW II, perhaps…

Anonymous says:

WWII Historical Fiction at its best! I absolutely loved this book! This is really different from the usual WWII Historical Fiction books that I love to read. The story starts out with Evelyn Taylor-Clark who is in her 90s and in an assisted living facility being visited by her Power of Attorney niece, Pat. Pat is in the process of disposing Evelyn’s possessions and comes across some pictures in a biscuit container that she does not recognize. Evelyn seems to have dementia, or does she??? The book proceeds in a then and now…

Anonymous says:

Wow!! Great Story! I really enjoyed this book. I was anxious to finish and have to say that I did struggle a few times to have the patience to read parts that were lengthy in details. I did scan through many parts. It is beautifully written and must have been tedious. At least it would have been for me. Miss Evelyn, Eva, Evie has many voices throughout her life. The prim and proper English, especially of the elderly Evelyn, wise and confident and the youthful happy voice of the newly married and also the young…

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