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My neighbors make a different one every year. Brossard, QC, Canada


GoBlue says:

They build a new apartment building every year? That must be pretty expensive.

MyNameIsJames says:

did that 12 year old sculpt this too!?

doyouwannabuildasnowman says:

Ooh, nice catch!

MairDeSade says:

I’m not saying I will drive to the south shore just for that, but man … I’d like to see it IRL !

rachelelelele says:

At first I thought it was two Batmans staring down a large dog.

RobErtE87 says:

Brossard, is that a bussard from jersey shore?

sillyrabbit17 says:

Then shouldn’t they be your neighboUrs? Sorry.

Notyourtypicalmale says:


LawrenJReicher says:

Elsa got to him.

uzalu says:

“Thank you for releasing me.”

Canyoumultiplyby says:

Huh? What is it? Dragons?

Canyoumultiplyby says:

Its his dad!

theracialpanda says:

Banana for scale?

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