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My Planet Beach Spray Tan Routine

Hey Jedi! In honor of National Sunless Day I thought I would take you spray tanning with me. I really love tanning there. Everyone is super nice and helpful and they always have a smile on when I come in. Love ya and MTFBWY… always!

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Tracy Joy says:

How often can you do a spray tan?

Maria Rodriguez says:

Is this place affiliated to planet fitness just wondering because the name and color

kbpritchard says:

Have you tried the new Mystic Kyss booth? It's almost like a dry spray. I love it!

Booty Boo says:

I don't think we have that place here in Iowa/Illinois.. but I would love to try a spray tan . I always thought someone does the spray and I didn't want some random person looking at me lol Don't you get tan while in that pool?? Hell one day outside and I'm super dark but probably because I'm Hispanic..Have a great day❤️

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