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MyPillow Standard/Queen Classic Medium Support Set of 2

MyPillow Classic Bed Pillow’s are made with our Patented Interlocking Fill, This helps your MyPillow adjust to your exact individual needs. MyPillow is proudly made in the USA, and is Washer and dryer safe!

Product Features

  • Made with our Patented Interlocking Fill – You can adjust MyPillow to your exact individual needs regardless of sleep position
  • Will Not Go Flat – Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Made 100% in the USA – We manufacture all our products in our home state of Minnesota!
  • Measures – Standard/Queen – 18.5 ” x 28″
  • Includes 2 Medium Support MyPillow’s at Listed Price — MyPillow Promotions Not Valid Through Amazon.

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Anonymous says:

… cheaply not hold up..not worth buying at any price Initially both my wife and I found this pillow to be more comfortable than the typical low cost pillows found in department stores. However, unlike what is stated in the commercials, we did find ourselves repositioning the pillow during the night, although perhaps a bit less so than before. I would say that we found the pillows to be acceptable for about the first month. Then, we found that the pillows began to degrade, became flatter and less supportive, even though we refluffed them…

Anonymous says:

The MY PILLOW ads versus reality! When my two “My Pillows” arrived on June 29, 2018. – all rolled up into a tight roll in plastic, I thought, “Why did I spend $89.00 for these…they look like any other pillow when you pop the plastic roll?” I was all set, mentally, to send them right back! But, I figured I’d give it a try. My neck muscles were sore – night after night – for eight months. I bought pillows at retail stores because I could see and feel them, but the chronic neck pain persisted. I woke up on…

Anonymous says:

Don’t fall for Conman Mike’s TV advertising saturation. Worthless product. Worthless warranty. Horrible, lumpy, overfilled with polyurethane pellets. Holds your head up high in an unnatural position. Overpriced is an understatement. I would not buy one again for $5 at Walmart. We paid about $100 for a pair. The “guarantee” is not worth much, after they deduct shipping/handling both ways, providing you can even reach the company for a resolution. Unfortunately, TV ADVERTISING SATURATION is selling these things – I guess after everyone buys a pair and finds out how awful they…

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