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Myths of the Promotion: 10 Steps to a Successful Career

Myths of the Promotion provides you with ten systematic steps extracted from great leaders in the industry and authors’ real corporate executive experiences. The virtual position concept is original and paradigm changing for professionals to advance their career from individual contributors to mid-level managers and then to executive positions. Myths of the Promotion will completely change your mindset and your understanding of career advancement. These ten actionable steps will assist you in refining your career vision, building realistic goals, developing feasible plans and executing them flawlessly. Also discussed is how to create an effective professional brand and network, how to collaborate and influence others as well as how to build and lead a successful team. These ten steps will help you to develop a heightened business understanding and refine your important leadership skills. Myths of the Promotion is the designated textbook for the 2012 Fall Stanford class and will be the textbook for all future “10 Steps to a Successful Career” classes and seminars.

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Anonymous says:

A wonderful career book that provides both theory and steps for practicing it! This is basically a handbook for anyone at any level. It has 10 executable steps to build a great career. Within each step, authors give the theory behind, examples, and even homework questions. These questions actually push you to think hard about yourself, your career and your life as a whole. From your own answers, you will be able to construct a plan!The concept of a virtual box of a person is particularly interesting. It teaches you how to exam yourself systematically and…

Anonymous says:

This book is a bible for every professional who wants to achieve success on their career path. It will help you determine who you are, where you’re going and how you’ll get there. In this book, I learned how to identify my career values, interests and strengths. It helps to set my strategic career plans and what actions I need to take. It guides me how to remain challenged and marketable to continue to be successful. I treated this book as a career mentor that I can always find answers anytime…

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