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Nas: ‘Jay-Z Rap Battle Changed Hip Hop History’

Legendary hip hop artist Nas, fresh from Coachella, celebrates the anniversary of his debut album, “Illmatic,’ twenty years later in 2014. He also talks abou…

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Danielle Brown says:

Nas is one of the GOAT!

Clifford Harris says:

After all the dirty insults they are frineds???Nas is usually hypocrites
like Jay Z….
2pac was a man with dignity…

akaprince343 says:

nas and jay are the two best ever, ny stand up.

Ari Rome says:

Nas is high as fuhhk lol

Omar Scruggs says:

nah Nas I remember zebra head. that was my shit. had it on bootleg. even
watched it with my white girl friend yeeears later and enjoyed it for the

EuDouArte HipHop Art Culture says:
HuffPost Live says:

Nas talks Jay-Z, Hip Hop and #IllmaticXX

#tuesdaytunes #hiphopartist #nas 

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