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Nas- N.Y. State of Mind @ MLB Fan Cave, NYC

Nas performing “N.Y. State of Mind” (produced by DJ Premier) from his “Illmatic” album. DJ Green Lantern on the 1’s and 2’s. At Nas’ “Life Is Good” Album Rel…

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silvershock82 says:


thom mangum says:

the crowd is so freaking lively

carloscollado25 says:

Haha he said younger nigga ohhhh

elton john says:

Listen to the crowd nas only NyC . We rap your lyrics . Only NyC is where
you get the love Nas one love brotha straight from queensbridge

elton john says:

This is a fucking crowd. Not some bullshit coachella shit where thousand of
people don’t know know about music.200 people here rapping I’m only a
little venue. Nas come to nyc baby we love you here

cashisAli1 says:

i was standin right behind u bro

entor qk says:

True mc

irrepressiblesystem says:

i loved thissss the crowd was so freaking liveee that nite

juan sanchez says:

i was outside i hated it they were only letting “vip” people in wasent it a
free concert

kevnyce1 says:


Tone Riggz says:

Show was incredible, kid…

Tone Riggz says:

I wasn’t VIP, i was just crazy enough to show up 6 hours early…It was a
free event but like the MLB Fan Cave website stated: “Please note that this
is first come, first serve and space is limited.”…You have to figure that
a free Nas concert at a venue that only holds 200 people, it was going to
be packed and lines were going to start several hours before showtime…

Sep Seven says:

He needs to perfrom to crowds like this, Most his crowds are boring as
fuck. This is a crowd i would flip shit being here.

jay doom says:

love nas

Andres Lemus says:

i can see Nas caught himself cussing on here haha 2:23

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