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Never Play With Yourself At A Barbershop!


jabbaciv says:


JDizzlemynizzle says:

What a phon(e)y

BaconGod31 says:

Put your cellphones to vibrate, and put your vibrators to cell phone mode.

mpaans says:

The barber was so disappointed!..

FerociousLlamas says:

+1 was not expecting

CaptainButtbeard says:

Ooh yeah, cut it real good.

Densteef says:

i would moan slightly to

HiMyNameIsUserName says:

I’d rather get caught playing with myself then be seen with a blackberry in public.

RickJames says:

Now I know to not masturbate in barber chairs because they will expose you

Jet8402 says:

i think he wanted to see an exposed penis too

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