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Not everyone reaches their dreams


JohnnyDevo says:

He failed at failing.

kormaqueen says:

Get your shit together, Timmy.

twostepsfromlost says:

Too true

HeWhoPours says:

God damn it, Timmy.

CommanderDick says:

Well Timmy, look at this way, at least you’re going to fucking die on mars.

DaKensta says:

Banished for life on the strawberry planet, that’s harsh

YouHadItComing says:

Kid in the background doesn’t have the answer. He doesn’t know what to do with his life and just browses Imgur all day I bet.

YouHadItComing says:

HEY! VIRALIZER JUST DISAPPEARED! I’m like Red the day after the stream stopped. I can think clearly 😀

SinceTheAccident says:

What am I going to do without the viralize buttons!? THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!!

JFlitt says:

And he was forced to wear clothes. Christ.

HelpaBrotherOut says:

I thought this was saying he was such a loser he wanted to leave earth forever for the mars trip… God my initial conclusions are dark

BellyButtonCum says:

I will be a chain smoking waitresses

plusoneforyou says:

all the generate buttons are gone!

TedCunterblast says:

The story of my life… except the other way around.

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