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Not today, thieves.


Morebasash says:

Not the hoop. The place.

OsamaBinModdin says:

How does one ride a hula-hoop?

BrownPenny says:

Yes, I have heard that hula hoop theft rate has spiked lately. Good call.

Elapidae says:

Its a hulla coop to prevent a hulla scoop.

mirrorz says:

Hacksaw through the rack, and then the hula-hoop. Free bike Lock.

calvinthecat says:


notjustradbutalsoneato says:

Well it’s about time, Hula Hoop related crime is becoming a plight on our nation. Someone has to stop this madness!

gagedlimits says:

hula hoop theft is crazy these days

madnorwegian says:

I need my hula ring to get to work in time

lchairney says:

David Blaine is laughing at you right now

reversed says:

I’m sorry. I know I’m new here, but hoola-hoops are just a waist of time.

miniatureDimenstionsOfMammothProportions says:

Plot twist: I got nothing..

nrs7000 says:

I mean… they have a point

Sugarcrotch says:

damn! my plans are foiled. – anonymous hula hoop thief

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