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Not trying to create another argument over tips, but if you do this, FUCK YOU! I'm sure $140 could have gotten you and your kids a week worth of groceries, but instead you spend it one one meal?! For shame!


fixeditforyou says:

Ah… I see she’s Canadian

asnakeman says:

Not really. By giving the “tipped” wages to employees, restaurants can actually afford more servers – while decreasing labor costs.

pancreas says:

exactly the point i was going to make.

pancreas says:

Waiters who expect tips are the worst. I can walk my own food to my seat if it’s such a damn hassle. what do you fuckin get payed for?

pancreas says:

they get payed minimum wage at least, and if they’re not, they can sue their employer.

ColourblindWelshBoyLivingInMadridWhoHappensToHaveALongUsername says:

If the service was good and you want to tip, tip. There shouldn’t be a rule saying you have to tip… Or feel bad for not tipping.

ColourblindWelshBoyLivingInMadridWhoHappensToHaveALongUsername says:

What kind of view on life is that? Tipping is voluntary! if you can afford the price set, which is obligatory, then you have can go out.

CanadianTuxedo says:

Get another job faggot

jshootsky says:

They call it a tip for a reason. If the food industry was fun; it wouldn’t be called the food industry.

ColourblindWelshBoyLivingInMadridWhoHappensToHaveALongUsername says:

Except thats not what it is at all; by eating in their restaurant you are providing them with a job.

drstevewillis says:

I would like to see you make it as a single parent. fuck you and your tip.

drstevewillis says:

I’d like to see you make it as a single parent. fuck you and your tip.

glocksout says:

Who are you to judge someone’s budget. Maybe it was a celebration that she got sole custody. Or her child’s leukemia is in remission.

MrBillTheTattooArtist says:

Sticking it to the little guy that spent 20 minutes talking and texting instead of doing their job

falln9 says:

What a whore.

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