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Obey Your Thirst (1996) | Coke and Sprite Embrace Hip Hop

Here are three groundbreaking TV ads developed through Steve Stoute’s marketing firm, Translation, that ran extensively on TV in 1996. The first places MC Shan and KRS-1 in a boxing ring (announcer is Kid Capri, Red Alert is behind Kris. Marley Marl is Shan’s corner man), connecting one of hip hop’s earlest “Beefs” on wax with lemon-lime flavored carbonated water. Second, generational intersectionality occurs when father and son both enjoy their favorite pop while listening to versions of “You’re all I need To Get By,” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell and Method Man & Mary J. Blige (respectively). Finally, singer/actor Tyrese Gibson was introduces to the world as the young man who captures everyone’s attention (and a woman’s heart) when he makes his entrance on a downtown bus. Stoute’s 2011 book, The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, is a must-read for further understanding of how street culture became corporate culture and how the acceptance of Black music through visual media helped create the landscape that permitted the first Black President in the USA. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights.

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GantzIsSloppy says:

Iatill got most of those Coca-Cols Commercials. even the St Ides ones LOL

Glory Mosby says:

I remember every single one of those commercials especially the discovery of Tyrese

The Wacky World of O TV says:

I remember all 3 of those commercials. They would ALWAYS play during Soul Train that played every Saturday afternoon lol.

Da215 says:

So I guess Sprite was active in them urban marketing streets since 96

Mizz Melan says:

Wow this brings back good childhood memories!!!

clovecipher 7 says:

Only 24 years ago but yet seems so far.

Eliza Gold says:

Tyrese hmmm his voice and that smile

Alvin Comer says:

Yeah I remember that and
since then diabetes, high
blood pressure and other
Diseases has taken over
the so called black

Rodrick Hayes says:

I remember all this! 90's is now the new 70's

Sean Kirtland says:

"hello everybody I'm Tyrese" *Sean Price voice

Dee Davis says:

I miss the 90's

pulloutsange says:

"Ejecto sitto cuz!" -Roman (Tyrese) Pierce

OMG I’M OVER 40 says:

Man the 90s was something else. I remember all these commercials especially the young Tyrese singing on that bus. When started he started singing professionally I was like “ isn’t that the guy from the Coca Cola commercial?” lol

Uche Odunzeh says:

In the days of a discman

Day Nyte says:

I only remember the Tyrese one and also the r&b groups. Guys — Girls

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