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sweatybeard says:

Well I think it’s safe to say that I fit in the latter category.

crashingrobot says:

I can relate with the omnomnomnivore…

gyromonster says:

Calvin on the other hand:

awildsmurf says:

bada ba ba ba I’m Lovin’ it

RealDuva says:

FALSE: a T-Rex can’t hold SHIT!

UndercoverDumbledore says:

Fun fact: a fat vegetarian is a Herbiburgivore.

Ifrackinggoogledit says:

this would be even funnier if the herbivore and carnivore where sharing the burger, meat on one side, bread and salad on the other.

GoogleFucker says:

As an American, please don’t make a fat reference. We’re not all fat.

everythingisamazingandnobodyishappy says:

Omnomnivore, more like americanovore. amirite?

LastRemainingUsername says:

“could i get the bacon cheese burger?” “would you like to omnomnomivore that?” “what does that include?” “fries, a drink, and some shrimp.”

MrBoomstik says:

yes, there is enough to go around

Rayzl says:

and the t-rex shits leaves which the herbivore eats, and the omnivore uses the brown herb(ivore) meat, and the omnomnomnivore drinks …

mymomthinksimspecial says:

that omnivore looks suspiciously carnivorous

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