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Optics: ‘Kiev: ON FIRE; Venezuela: ON FIRE; Obama: Watching a movie’ [pics]!/Matthops82/status/435934277751308289

More than two dozen people are reportedly dead after a bloody day of clashes between riot police and Euromaidan protesters. Scenes reportedly from today:!/marson_jr/status/436124022431301632!/bishopk/status/436110662444384256

Violence in Kiev looks increasingly like civil war and of course the White House is “appalled.” So “appalled” that Uncle Joe Biden gave Ukraine’s president a phone call.

Ukraine? Venezuela? President Priorities is on it. If by “it” you mean spending the evening yukking it up with campaign donor George Clooney during “Monuments Men” movie night.

Optics are hard.

Venezuela: ON FIRE
Obama: watching a movie.…— Razor (@hale_razor) February 18, 2014!/HanaFiveO/status/435943990244827136!/bmcsmith92/status/435935770721779712!/redsteeze/status/435939733785411584!/PoliticsOfFear/status/435937719517065217


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