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Havaianas Men’s Brazil Logo Flip Flop Sandals,Navy Blue,41/42 BR (11-12 M US Women’s/9-10 M US Men’s)

Havaianas is a global leader in the sandals category, with more than 224 million pairs sold in 106+ countries each year. Authentic Havaianas can be identified by the “Greeks” in the strap and signature rice-pattern sole. Havaianas flip flops are made from a secret-recipe rubber that makes the soles marshmallow soft and very durable. Every pair of flip flops is still designed and made in Brazil. Since the brand’s launch, more than 3.5 billion pairs of Havaianas have been sold. Havaianas have kept feet happy with colorful, fun designs for more than 50 years. And in case you’re curious, Havaianas means “Hawaiians” in Portugese.

Product Features

  • Soft and Sturdy – Made of 100% high-quality, super soft and durable rubber with cushioned insole
  • Exclusive Brazil Logo and Colors – Bring the fun and optimism of Latin America with you from poolside to the beach with Brazilian flag logo and color accents
  • Man Made – The original flip flops, man made in Brazil since 1962
  • Dress Up or Dress Down – Pair with trunks for a sunny day at the beach or slip on with chinos for a casual night out
  • Signature Rice Pattern Sole – Not just the mark of a quality brand, the signature Havaianas rice pattern provides added slip-resistance

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VAFOLY Women’s Peasant Shirt and Blouse Top with Buttons Up Top Carbon Grey Small

Vafoly Women’s Casual Blouse Shirts With Long Sleeve Tunic Top


—V Neck Design With Button Down Detail Helps to Adjust The Neckline Style Of This Tunic Shirt.

—The Shirt Sleeves Are Long Enough to Cover Your Icky Upper Arms.

—Pleats In The Front For a Flared Style And Also Gives Lot Of Tummy Room.

—Asymmetric Hem With Side Button Decoration Features a Unique Fashion Tunic Top.

—The Long Sleeve Henley T Shirt Goes Well With Leggings, Jeans, Yoga Pants, Capris; And Suitable For Fall, Winter, Spring.

Size Chart:

S:—-Length–29.8″ Bust–33.5″ Shoulder–14.6″ Sleeve–22.9″ Hem–44.1″

M:—-Length–30.5″ Bust–35.8″ Shoulder–15.2″ Sleeve–23.2″ Hem–46.5″

L:—-Length–31.2″ Bust–38.2″ Shoulder–15.7″ Sleeve–23.5″ Hem–48.8″

XL:—Length–31.9″ Bust–40.6″ Shoulder–16.3″ Sleeve–23.9″ Hem–51.2″

Vafoly Is a Professional Brand In Women Apparel And Own Its Trackmark, Main Products Are Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Tunics, Blouses, Shirts For Women. Many Of Items Are Very Casual And Comfortable Style. All Of Products Are Sold Exclusively By Vafoly, Vafoly Trademark Is Protected By Us Trademark Law.

Product Features

  • Material:Green-35% Cotton 60% Polyester 5% Spandex;Carbon Grey/Wine-95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  • The casual flowy pullover tunic top featuring with button down neckline and asymmetrical hem
  • The knitted tunic shirt is made by high stretchy and soft fabric that is heavier than normal t-shirt and it is very comfortable to wear
  • This long sleeve tunic henley shirts is great for Going Out, School, Office, Home, Casual Wear, Shopping and Daily Wear
  • Machine Wash,DON’T BLEACH.Note:Please refer to the Size Chart on the picture or under the product description for ordering a right size

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adidas Women’s adissage Slide,Black/Black/Running White,10 M US

This Adidas Adissage Slide features a sporty look with a comfortable feel!

Product Features

  • Slide sandal featuring logoed hook-and-loop strap with quick-dry bandage lining and TPR footbed with massage nubs
  • Non-marking outsole injected with EVA for lightweight comfort

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Threeking Rc Stunt Car Remote Control Off-Road Truck Double Sided Tumbling 360 Degree Rotation 3D Deformation Dance Car 1:28 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Stunt Car Great Gift for Kids – Green

Threeking Double Sided Tumbling Dance Car

Product Features

  • Amazing Rc STUNT DANCE Car:Best gift for boys and girls.playful car,fits for fun family time;Kids companion,keeps kids engaged and entertained and offers a fun and educational way to play.
  • FULL-FUNCTION:360 Degree Rotation Dance,360 Degree Stunt Flip,3D Deformation double sided running,Forward, Backward,Turn Left, Turn Right.This is a unique gift,that can bring different driving pleasures to your child.More gameplay is waiting for you to discover.
  • Super Off-Road:The soft and elastic rubber tyres,It can be adjusted based on the road and driving fast earthquake-resistant on uneven terrain, tyre tread obvious:High strength friction,grip extremely strong skid resistance, does not fear the slippery matter indoor or outdoor, land, wetlands, sandy beach, grasslands can be breakthrough easily.
  • Eco-Friendly material and electronic elements.The car fixed with dozens of screws to ensure firm and durable.Meanwhile with High-class materials to extend the life of the stunt car,more ruggedness and crashworthiness.Amazing Stunt Car fits for indoor and outdoor playing.
  • Large capacity Rechargeable battery,700mAh/4.8V(Included),to make the play time run up to 23 mins(Full Charged) and make the happytime get a long time.Any question,please contact with the exclusive seller”THREE KING TECH.

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How to use chatbots as part of your marketing strategy

Chatbots have been a pretty big industry buzzword for a few years now. To recap, a chatbot is any computer program that can carry on conversation with humans in a natural, fluid way.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why marketers use chatbots, what they can be used for, and most importantly, four tips for how to make them part of your marketing strategy.

Why do marketers use chatbots?

Remember the olden days when we’d post a status to social media, walk away for a few hours, and then check back in hours later to see if anyone had noticed?

These days, social communication seems endless. With the rise of messenger apps, tales of “the way social media used to be” have become as hard to believe as the days of landlines with no caller ID.

Audiences spend much more time on messenger apps than ever before — so much so that they’ve quickly eclipsed other forms of communication.

Facebook Messenger alone now has more users than Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

And for marketers, communicating with consumers via messenger app is a smart way to make sure messaging gets seen. Users are 80% more likely to open communication from brands if it comes via messenger.  

However, no one team can keep up with all that communication — which is where chatbots come in. 

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), chatbots have come a long way since the Turing Test.

The Turing Test, developed by Alan Turing in 1950, tests a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

Now, bots are easier to talk to (and implement into your marketing strategy) than ever before.

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1. Chatbots can act as more than customer service robots

It’s no secret that chatbots are great in a customer service capacity.

According to Gartner, by 2020, customers may manage up to 85% of their interactions with a company without ever even speaking to a human.

But we would be mistaken to assume that customer service is all chatbots are used for. They can also be an important part of other aspects of your marketing strategy.

A well planned chatbot can serve as an engagement driver, lead generator, and can even help with market research.

Yinon Horwitz, Director of Business Development at StartApp, says:

“Today, chat isn’t yet being perceived as an engagement driver, but more of a customer service operation[…]” Horwitz writes for Chatbots Magazine. “Brands and marketers can start collecting data around the engagement and interaction of end users. Those that are successful could see higher brand recognition, turning user-level mobile moments into huge returns.”

Approaching chatbots as marketing tools, rather than virtual help desks, means better insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points. 

This, in turn, drives better engagement and could even lead to higher sales.

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2. Chatbots can help jumpstart the sales cycle

According to content strategist Brian Barr, chatbots act as a salesperson long before a customer is ready to talk to an actual salesperson:

“The best thing about chatbots is that they give you an automated, cost-effective way to communicate with your customers in a way that is more direct and personal than ever before,” Barr writes.

And simply giving customers the option to speak with your brand via chatbot on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger could drive higher sales.

Right now, Facebook Messenger boasts 1.2 billion monthly users. 

And in addition to chatting with family and friends through the app, audiences also increasingly use it to connect with brands.

According to research from Facebook, 69% of those who use Messenger to connect with brands say that being able to message a brand makes them feel more confident in their purchase.

However, taking ages (which, in the digital world, means hours) to answer simple questions about products and services leaves customers feeling ignored.

Again, chatbots can come in handy here. You can use chatbots on Messenger and on your company’s website to answer FAQs, give updates on shipping, and even to upsell based on customer preferences. All of that means more sales and happier customers.

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3. Chatbots could also be the cure for app fatigue

A few years ago, it seemed like every industry source imaginable was pushing apps as a pivotal part of any digital marketing strategy.

Therein lies the problem: everyone created an app — and a lot of them were pretty useless.

Consumers got tired of downloading too many space-consuming, data-gobbling apps. Now, many of them sit unused or don’t get downloaded at all.

A recent study by ComScore found that 51% of smartphone users downloaded zero new apps in a given month.

Furthermore, only 37% of respondents ages 35-54 had any interest in new apps, according to the study.

We call this phenomenon app fatigue, wherein there are simply too many choices without any clear benefit.

Chatbots can offer round-the-clock, available information. Whether it’s on Facebook Messenger or a company’s own website, customers have access to quick and easy answers to their questions.

The best part? No expectation that people will jump through the additional hoop of downloading an app they probably won’t use more than once. Or an app they’ll most likely delete once they’ve gotten the answers they’re looking for.

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Chatbots for beginners: Utility is key

In “the app rush,” one big problem arose.

As so many companies scrambled to get apps out, they forgot to ask what function those apps might serve.

Introducing chatbots to your marketing strategy can provide a direct path from problem to solution.

Create chatbots with an eye toward utility.

Remember, a useful chatbot means a chatbot your customers will actually want to use.  

How can you start to use chatbots into your marketing strategy, you ask? Get started with these four steps.

1. Define the goal

The most important step in designing your chatbot?

Create a clear goal by outlining objectives before you even get started.

What will the bot do? Is it a customer service rep, a campaign aid, a lead generator? Each case will result in a very different chatbot,” Lauren McMenemy of Skyword writes. “You need to know who the chatbot is for and what problem it is solving. Like any marketing tactic, it needs a clear objective.”

For example, Australian vegan recipe database Veji wanted to help vegans find food no matter where they were in the country.

So they created a chatbot embedded into Facebook Messenger that would quickly and easily offer solutions to their audience.

Diners can access 2,000 vegan eateries by dropping a location pin or entering the name of a suburb. Veji recognized a problem: Its audience had a hard time locating vegan options. So they used a highly specific chatbot to solve that problem.

The result was a tool to drive that drives engagement while providing a useful service without the hassle of downloading a new app.

2. Pick a platform

Looking for the most accessible and fun to use chatbots? According to Casey Phillips at Chatbots Magazine, do-it-yourself and visual-aided chatbots offer ease of use and entertainment.

DIY platform options include Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant. These platforms afford the advantage of lower costs and the freedom to write your own code.

Additionally, Facebook offers a plugin that allows businesses to integrate Messenger experiences right into company websites. Doing so provides the “same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.”

Visual-aided chatbots make for incredibly fun experiences. They invite engagement and can be a rich source of customer insights.

Most non-visual chatbots rely on customers to describe their problem in text. “I’d like a red wine to pair with steak, please.”

But visual-aided chatbots allow consumers to indicate their preferences through pictures, which is often much simpler than explaining.

Visual search engines continue to revolutionize the way we find answers.

Likewise, visual chatbots, like Levi’s Virtual Stylist can offer customers solutions without relying on lengthy (and often insufficient) text descriptions.

To create Virtual Stylist, Levi’s partnered with They wanted to offer audiences myriad visual options as they answer questions like “How would you like the jeans to fit through the leg?”

Users can actually see those choices and click on the look that best fits their preference. The chatbot then offers in-stock product recommendations so customers can purchase the product that most specifically fits their needs.

Of course, visual chatbots aren’t for everyone.

As Phillips writes, “Don’t bring a bazooka to a water gun fight if you don’t have to.”

If offering visuals doesn’t make sense for your customer, then this type of chatbot could just be annoying.  

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3. Match your tone to your message

Marketers spend countless hours trying to get the right tone for campaigns. You want something that both matches your brand and your message.

It’s no different for chatbots, which should have personalities that fit the function of the chatbot. Nobody wants their brand experience to feel robotic — even if customers are technically talking to robots.

Lego created a chatbot to help its customers narrow down their options for Christmas gifts. It went by the name of Ralph, a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offered suggestions along with cute, punny quips. “Oh my bolts, just imagine what you could build with that!”

Studies show that customers engage more with chatbots when they seem human.

According to Korn Ferry, 43% of consumers would rather speak to a human than a chatbot. 23% of those consumers report that they worry chatbots “won’t chat in a friendly manner.” Prove them wrong by making sure chatting with a bot is every bit as enjoyable as chatting with a salesperson!

4. Use your website/landing page for lead generation

You may have noticed that every website and landing page you’ve visited recently has a click to chat option. That’s because not only do customers love to live chat, those chats are a goldmine of data.

Recently Fran Conejos, co-founder & CMO of @Landbot_io, wanted to look into the ways his company’s chatbot could potentially be a source of lead generation.

But a bug in the system actually forced the chat feature into fullscreen mode every time a new user entered. The bug ended up being a happy accident. Conejos’s team quickly realized forcing users to chat actually led to four times higher customer conversion than providing a tiny, easily overlooked chatbot window in the corner of the screen.

It’s probably not a great idea to force customers to talk if they don’t want to. But this accident proves that not only are chatting customers happy customers, but also that chatbots are great resources for lead generation.

If you’re looking to add a chatbot to your landing page or webpage, one of the key things to remember is that you’re looking for insights that can help segment marketing campaigns, provide personalized product or service recommendations, and upsell, among other things.

You want to make sure to include questions about product preferences and zip codes for location-based offers, as well as push for reviews of past purchases. It’s also important to anticipate customer queries and make sure answers are not only forthcoming, but don’t sound too robotic.


Chatbots are absolutely amazing in a customer service capacity. NLP and AI are quickly on their way to making tedious calls to customer service a thing of the past. However, it’s a mistake to assume that’s all chatbots are capable of.

A well-planned, utility-centric chatbot, whether it’s on a messenger app, a website, or both, can be a wellspring of lead generating customer data, not to mention providing a useful, fun way to connect with audiences!

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MIssion Workshop’s Best Laptop Pack Just Got Even Better

Mission Workshop’s best-selling pack, the Rhake, a weatherproof laptop pack, just got a tactical upgrade. The new Rhake VX features construction with VX-21 diamond ripstop fabric, one of the most advanced textiles in the world with virtually unmatched abrasion, tear, and weather resistance per gram weight. This roll-top 22-liter pack is also equipped with Fidlock buckles, and like all MW gear, it is handmade in the USA.

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Petyoung Upgraded Cat Toys Rechargeable, 360 Degree Self Rotating LED Cat Interactive Ball Toy, Cat Chaser Ball with Detachable Feather and Colored Ribbon (White)


Material: ABS

Ball Diameter: 6.8cm

Color: White | Pink

Tips: If you spray it with catnip, your cats will keep busy chasing it.


1. The ball will move slow when battery is in low power.

2. The battery should be fully charged before storage.

Package Includes:

1 x Cat LED Ball Toy

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Detachable Feather

1 x Detachable Colored Ribbon

Product Features

  • 【A Detachable Feather and A Colored Ribbon】: An added detachable magnetic feather and a colored ribbon to make it do circular motion around the feathers to catch these kitties’ attention.
  • 【UPGRADED Rechargeable Design】: Rechargeable Design solves the battery life issues, no need to waste your money to purchase the new batteries any more.
  • 【360° SELF ROTATION】:This interactive ball catches eyes of your pet by rolling itself and producing a red light simultaneously. The ball will run in whole room and it automatically change direction when colliding with a wall or corner.
  • 【Built-in Led Light】: The built-in Led Light can also attract the pets chasing, swatting and running, give pet more fun.
  • 【Easy to Operate】: Just open the ball and turn on/off the switch, let your pets enjoy it to the fullest.

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Big Promotion! FarJing Women Blouse Casual Chiffon Short Sleeve Splice Lace Crop Top (3XL,White )

★If you are satisfied with the items and our service, please take a minute to leave us a positive feedback.

★Please do not hesitate to contact us to get a better solution before you leave a neutral or negative feedback, even file a claim, we will provide you the best service.

★If you have any questions, comments or queries,please contact us we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.
★Product information:

Material: Chiffon
Pattern Type:Pure
Sleeve length:Short Sleeve
Fit:Fits ture to size
How to wash:Hand wash Cold,Hang or Line Dry
What you get:1*Women Blouse

★ Size Chart:

★Size:S—— Bust:86cm/33.6″” —— Length:59cm/23.2″”

★Size:M—— Bust:92cm/36.2″”—— Length:60cm/23.6″”

★Size:L—— Bust:98cm/38.6″”—— Length:61cm/24.0″”

★Size:XL—— Bust:104cm/40.9″”—— Length:62cm/24.4″”

★Size:2XL—- Bust:110cm/43.3″—- Length:63cm/24.8″

★Size:3XL—- Bust:116cm/43.7″—- Length:64cm/25.2″

★Size:4XL—- Bust:122cm/48.0″—- Length:65cm/25.6″

★Size:5XL—- Bust:128cm/50.4″—- Length:66cm/26.0″

★NOTE: Please check the Size Chart before order.

★SHIPPING: The item will be shipped from China, so it takes 15-25 days to deliver.Most customers get it within 18 days!

★ATTENTION: All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be deviations of 2-3cm.★Images are samples only for reference.★The color can be little a different because of the screen.
“white tops and blouses black silk blouse womens blue shirt white collar womens party blouses m and s womens blouses polyester shell blouse overblouse pink and black blouse ladies suit blouses blouse style dresses blush blouse tops corset blouse ladies printe

Product Features

  • Big Promotion! Women Blouse Casual Chiffon Short Sleeve Splice Lace Crop Top ——tops for women ladies tops off the shoulder tops womens shirts long tops tunic tops long tops for women tunic tops for women blouses for women cute tops cute tops for women long shirts for women women tops online black tops for women shirts for women white shirt womens summer tops for women fancy top womens trendy tops summer tops black shirt womens dressy tops top fashion purple top
  • ❤blouse tops white blouses for women ladies black silk red online chiffon shirt womens sleeveless pink satin sheer tie neck floral ruffle dress shirts and green polka dot cream blue long sleeve navy cute grey lace peasant front olive wear womans sparkly low peach xl mesh lime silver & popular basic type up simple misses colored collars satin mint strapless w designer tight cheap neon cut bright elegant wrap styles gray aqua price a line fuschia
  • Women’s Plus-Size 3/4 Sleeve Knit Blouse Women’s Plus Size Lace up Embroidered Peasant Top Women’s Plus Size Spaghetti Strap Top 3/4 Sleeve Cold Shoulder T Shirt Women’s Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Keyhole-Neck Printed Cotton Knit Top Women’s Plus Size Criss Cross Short Sleeve Printed Floral T Shirts Tops Women’s Plus Size Keira Kimono Top
  • Women’s Summer Sleeveless V Neck Lace Up Criss Cross Cami Tank Tops Women’s Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Lace Trim Cami Tunic Tank Top Women Scoop Neck Cotton Extra Long Tank Top Vest Womens High Neck Floral Print Tank Tops Flowy Halter Top Casual Blouse Sleeveless Shirt Womens Basic Off-Shoulder Short Cami Crop Top Womens Basic Extra Long Fitted Tunic Tank Top Womens Loose Fit Tank Top Relaxed Flowy
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Travel Accessories Luggage Straps (2 Pack) – Easy Carry Travel Gear & Luggage Accessories

Third Hand for Carrying Your Belongings when On the Go

• Are you always looking for an extra place to carry your possessions?

• Do you frequently run out of room in your bag or tote?

• Tired of stuffing your luggage full with your jacket or sweater?

Introducing Your Very Own Taste Drink Go Third Hand Luggage Strap to the Rescue!

• Ideal for attaching jackets, umbrellas or travel gear to the outside of any bag or suitcase.

• Convenient strap leaves hands free for more relaxing travel.

• Strong carabiner is spring loaded and attaches with ease in seconds.

• Designed to be reliable and secure, the Third Hand-Luggage Strap is the easy way to carry more.

• Made lovingly in China.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Taste Drink Go Brand to be Quality Premium Products.

You are Backed by our Manufacturer’s Warranty! When you purchase this product you are provided a warranty covering manufacturer defects. Simply notify Taste Drink Go service and we will work to earn your complete satisfaction.

We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

Product Features

  • ✈️ WHILE OTHER LUGGAGE STRAPS BREAK EASILY, WITH CRACKED PLASTIC BUCKLE AND STITCHES COMING APART, the Taste Drink Go Third Hand is made OF the STRONGEST carabiner, HEAVY-DUTY METAL clip and a PREMIUM nylon strap. The 3rd Hand Luggage Strap is designed to carry items such as umbrella, hat, neck pillow, water bottle to heavier travel accessories such as Jackets, Bags and more. You can SAVE the hassle of juggling multiple bags and belongings with this easy attach luggage straps.
  • ✈️ DON’T SETTLE FOR LUGGAGE STRAPS THAT WILL NOT STAY TIGHT AND RISK LOSING YOUR BELONGINGS. Our luggage strap is designed with NON-SLIP web strap material and a silicone strip to hold items safely. Other Add A Bag strap are thin and slips to its original size, ours SECURES your bag, jacket, travel blanket or towel and makes sure it’s FIRMLY attached. The baggage strap is EASY TO ATTACH AND REMOVE from your bag. TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE, knowing your items won’t get tossed and lost.
  • ✈️ UNLIKE OTHER 3RD HAND THAT ARE TOO SHORT AND HEAVY, this luggage hook is designed to be LONGER and SECURES your belongings together. If ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED WON’T FIT in one bag, this luggage strap CHANGES ALL THAT! Just wrap them together and it will keep your belongings HANDY but out of the way. FREE UP YOUR HANDS! It’s COMPACT and LIGHT, just slip it on your purse or carry-on and GO ABOUT YOUR DAY WORRY FREE!
  • ✈️ We look for products that SOLVE TRAVEL PROBLEMS AND TEST ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS to make sure you are getting a quality item. If you have an issue or question, please contact us directly. We want you to be HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE. Check out our MULTI-UNIT DISCOUNTS: Scroll down to the Special Offers & Product Promotions area below. Up to 15% off of today’s order.
  • ✈️ TRAVEL EASY WITH THE ADJUSTABLE LUGGAGE STRAP. USE IT TWO WAYS: 1) Use EASY snap Carabiner clip to HOOK to your water bottle, umbrella, bag etc. HANG your items on anything to FREE YOUR HANDS. 2) ADJUST strap and WRAP around your jacket, blanket or travel pillow, tighten with HEAVY DUTY BUCKLE to hold it in place. Use the quick snap carabiner to clip to your backpack, carry on, or luggage. Makes navigating airports, subways and sidewalks easier while the Straps do the heavy lifting for you.

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Steve Madden Women’s Long Chevron Maxi Puffer Coat, Black, Medium

Chevron quilt maxi puffer coat

Product Features

  • Fleece-lined long puffer coat with allover chevron quilting and removable hood
  • Concealed zip-and-snap placket
  • Top-entry front pockets

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