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PandoMonthly: Fireside Chat With Ben Horowitz


Pradeep Doddaballapur says:

*Microsoft Tactics*

Watch from 00:30:20 the story how Microsoft competed by arm-twisting…

Charles Jo says:

Great interview – PandoMonthly: Fireside Chat With Ben Horowitz

Jonathan Coleman says:

1:13:05 | 1:13:08 | 

David Peterson says:

Really, Interviewing such a great guest, and yet you have no clue how to
set up a simple microphone….If BAD SOUND was Fatal…

Nima Rahnemon says:

1:19:46 Horowitz gives a shout-out to Satya Nadella before he became MSFT’s

Joshua Berk says:

Dude was spitting some verses. Impressive!

Bio Cho says:

sadly, cats > horowitz

jon vanhala says:

he doesn’t look like a massive hip-hop fan

linkedin BatesLuxury says:

When all high school seniors have to do a report on this interview, prior
to graduation, the US might, only might, get back on the track to

Jared T says:

Sarah, these interviews are awesome. You’re the best person at doing
interviews, keep up the great work!

Sandra P says:

Ben doesn’t realize that his job is a million times harder than being a
doctor or teacher, not to mention a million times more risky. I know from
personal experience in both arenas. Believe it or not, the market is dead
fair in what it pays.

alistair douglas says:


Justin Davis says:

What an awesome interview. Ben you are a legend. I love your honesty and
openness about the industry. Sarah, I have changed my mind about you. I am
now a fan! Loving these fireside chats!

SatchiCreative says:

Could not agree more. Most engaging people in todays economy and under 6k
views! Give it a year or so and everyone else will wake up and hopefully
embrace and start learning from people like this.

pkalli01 says:

You should be glad. Bigger advantage for us

RaySunday14 says:

Absolutely dig how Ben Horowitz is into rap!

jb says:

how the fuck do these interviews on pandodaily not have more views.. these
guys are laying out the blueprint to accomplish your dreams. WHAT THE FUCK

Kaloyan Borisov says:

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