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Paradigm Shift (Episode #16)

David Banner blesses this episode of While Black and delivers in full and as expected.  We sit and talk with him about everything from his mom and childhood;  superman and slavery, Atlanta to Mississippi and of course politics. 

He hits the ground running and delivers very needed information. If you know Banner at all then you know what kind of episode this is.

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Jaylon Bennett says:

True, love and respect

Free Housing Project says:

I agree. My grandmother lived to 106. She only had a 8th grade education during Jim Crow. She cleaned houses had three kids and was able to buy three homes cash. She never owned a car, just property. We should do this today. Learn how to live for free globally. FreeHousingProject dot com. Love you all!

Raven says:

David Banner Is one enlightened brother
I just came to give flowers while you here 11/10/19

Leon Robinson says:

I think the target group for this particular podcast is for really slow and misinformed brothers and sisters. That's my opinion. There's a lot being said that if your intelligent enough, you could pick it apart, rearrange the message, add some intriguing nuggets of truth, and bring the message forth to the masses, whether intellectual or ignorant. Let's talk about building financially and fighting (literally) for a cause so the same atrocities don't continue to happen. This is constructive criticism and no hate for none of y'all brothers. Keep it up and continue to grow. SALAMAH ACH!!!



Trenesha Clark says:

For the seventeen folks/accounts/viewers may dislike the podcast, why? How sway?

Yo Willi says:

I love David Banner!!!

Mr. Clean says:

Yo Banner where you at this week

Free Housing Project says:

Cheaper and easier to create a podcast. I help ADOS get off the grid! FreeHousingCommunity dot info | Love you all!

Alli X says:

Yesssss! We are god. Love listening to this brother. Confirms we are rising, best to be and love self and separation IS the answer.

Gregory Malone says:

#TheGODBOX …….. Life Changing Music!!!!!!! 38732…

Jarrod Sheets says:

Great podcast

Samjah Iman says:


Aisha B says:

So much knowledge in here you have to listen to it more than once. Taking notes.

Yung Faness says:

David Banner

Yung Faness says:


jewjew973 973jewjew says:

You’re absolutely right! That’s all he sold was Hope!

Thaddeus Jones II says:

Information Technology Manager in the making #TheDavidBannerPodcast, the information wave is already here. Key points to takeaway is infrastructure physical databases are out dated. Cloud and AI technologies for sorting compiling data is cost effective if you have a team have them set it up and run it yourselves or find someone in the community that can.

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