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Paul Pogba Showed Off His Basketball Skills And The Guy Can Actually Hang

The video of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku’s playing basketball in Miamihas me floored. Truly.

I mean, when links tothe clip of their one-on-one started to hit Twitter, there was reason to expect a much different picture.

Remember when thevideo of England players on a basketball court hit YouTube before the 2014 World Cup? That thing was atrocious.

First off, they were playing barefoot. Secondly, they broke all types of rules. Third, the shooting form was to die for, as in, it would probably make you die laughing.

That clip is still cringe-worthy to this day.

So yeah, if we’re going on precedent alone, it was pretty easy to think the worst was coming when Pogba posted this.

And yet, I must say, Pogba and Lukaku are surprisingly decent. Now, this is obviously grading on a huge curve, but there’s got to be some applause for there being some semblance of coordinated dribbling.

And Lukaku? Lukaku actually drove to the basket like someone who knows what they’re doing. And Pogba’s three-point shot? I’m telling you, there are soccer players from America who can’t even do that.

It’s shocking, really, and impressive. European basketball players being decent at basketball, who knew?

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