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People post selfies, other people draw them


willhasimgur says:

honko802 says:

The dalmation and smurf one haha

dogpercy says:

oh fuck i peed

iamthediscofapper says:

The first one looks like a penis that can’t even.

JordisTheSwordMaiden says:

I think they’re saying she blue that smurf.

hedcase says:

Anyone that takes a selfie deserves this.

dreadlockpirateroberts says:

An Android app? Why would they need one of those? Nobody uses Android. It’s a dead platform. /s

TWFNS says:


ScatterJ0Y says:


CoolersFinalForm says:

These are phenomenal

TheJonSnowShow says:

There goes Boo

denialisariverinegypt says:


Durzaka says:

there are about 40% awesome, 60% stupid as shit. and im alright with that

inthemorning says:

Some people draw pictures, others get points on imgur posting them

Ashleynp says:

until he smurfed on* her smurf. lol

msstatedawg says:

+1 for blown smurf

dreadlockpirateroberts says:

Okay, what the fuck happened here? Even without the /s, it’s obvious I’m being sarcastic. It has almost 80% marketshare world wide.

dreadlockpirateroberts says:

Sometimes imgur makes 0 sense to me. What the fuck are you people all pissy about? I’m an Android developer. Obviously being sarcastic.

waitwhatetc says:

Lost it at Brainy from Hey Arnold

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