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People Sleep With Strangers At ‘Sex Mountain’ To Improve Their Luck

SBS DatelineSBS Dateline

SBS Dateline

Citizens of Indonesia for hundreds of years have flocked to a mountain where they have sex with random people for good luck.

The ritual started in the 16th century, according to the Daily Mail, when an Indonesian prince developed a sexual relationship with his stepmother.

Australia’s “Dateline” journalist Patrick Abboud said of the story,

They ran away to the mountain and had sex and mid coitus they were caught, killed and buried. There is a shrine there now and because they didn’t get to finish the act, others believe that if you do, fortune will come to you, most people like poor farmers who want to get ahead in life.

And now, thousands, many of whom are married, make a pilgrimage to the top of Java’s Gunung Kemukus, known as “Sex Mountain,” under the impression that their lives will dramatically change for the better after participating.

But one brief session doesn’t do the trick.

It’s not clear where this rule comes from, but Abboud says that participants have to have sex on top of the mountain seven times in a row every 35 days for the spiritual forces to take effect.

The journalist said he saw what seemed like 8,000 people on the mountain one night, a huge surprise considering the predominantly Muslim country’s views on sex out of wedlock.

But the ritual has become so popular that the country’s government now charges tourists to visit Gunung Kemukus.

This might not come as much of a surprise, however, considering government officials are among the participants.

Abboud added,

It’s a bit of a carnival. It’s contradictory, the government knows adultery is happening yet they’re preaching something different and turning a blind eye.

He also couldn’t help but notice the disproportionate ratio of women to men.

The mountain is a gold mine for prostitutes, and while there are health clinics nearby, people don’t really seem to care about safe sex.

According to Abboud,

I talked to a doctor and he said most sex workers have sexual diseases and men don’t use condoms, so HIV is on the up.

Although people might expect crime and violence in such a place, Abboud said he experienced the opposite.

He said,

Quite beautiful prayers, they give beautiful offerings of flowers, at the grave of shrine people get teary and pray for hours on end. Never felt any threat, it was a nice environment.

Patrick Abboud’s full story can be seen Tuesday night on SBS One.

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