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PetFusion AMBUSH INTERACTIVE Cat Toy with electronic rotating feather. (Smart modes, nighttime light, batteries included)

AMBUSH INTERACTIVE is an automatic cat play device based on the idea of simulating a hunting experience using moving objects. The feather will randomly pop out from 6 holes at different time intervals. With added color LED lighting, cats are drawn into the experience to catch the feather. Great for daytime or nighttime hunting. Interactive toy for both kittens and older cats

Product Features

  • CAPTIVATE YOUR CAT’S ATTENTION & SATISFY ITS HUNTING INSTINCTS: (i) Unique stimulating cat or kitten toy that simulates prey popping out from 6 entries with a randomized and fast paced feel. (ii) LED lighting great for daytime or nighttime!
  • HELPS KEEP YOUR CAT NIMBLE, PHYSICALLY FIT, & MENTALLY STIMULATED: (i) Focused, interactive play can improve your cat’s overall wellness & happiness.
  • ANTI-SKID FEET: (i) keeps the toy in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tile.
  • FEATHER EASY TO REPLACE: (i) A second mode extends and pauses making it easy to replace. (ii) 3-pack replacement feathers available for purchase.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: (i) Long battery life with 8 minute auto-shut-off feature. (ii) 12 MONTH WARRANTY on any part that is broken due to manufacturer defect.

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Anonymous says:

Scares my cats This thing is LOUD. I unboxed it, put the batteries in, and scared my cats. They have no idea what to do with it, I even tried to demonstrate. One of them tried to play with it and the whole thing stopped so he lost interest. I’ll update in a while to see if they’ll get used to it.Update: same day, several hours later. Even turned off, I tried to give them an opportunity to go near it, and they went as far away or around it as possible…

Anonymous says:

A Hit with Our Cat! It certainly lives up to its name…our cat was anxiously watching the holes for the feather to pop out. He was actually able to grab it one time before it quickly retracted. Certainly held our cat’s attention – it shut off once or twice thanks to the auto shut-off feature and we had to turn it on again, because he kept looking for the feather! Would recommend to other cat owners!Update a month later: Still a huge hit with the cat! From the minute it is turned on and he hears the sound,…

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