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Pivot President Evan Shapiro: “Cord-cutting” is inaccurate


Robert Shaver says:

*”What is wrong with the industry is the phrase cord-cutting”*. Evan then
goes on to redefine the term to include cutting broadband.

Here’s the first definition I found in the Internet: *Cord cutting, in a
telecommunications context, is the practice of stopping a cable or
satellite television service or getting rid of a landline phone.* That’s
the definition I’m familiar with.

The fact that my broadband comes on the same piece of copper that the
television comes on is, for me, totally beside the point. Yet that is all
Evan rants about from then on.

*”They buy those cords from the same people who provide the television.”*
That sums up the problem for me: lack of competition and the competition is
shrinking. Then look at who’s running the FCC; Tom Wheeler who’s tight with
the cable companies he’s supposed to be regulating.

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