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Police brutality caught on tape and victim wins

Marcus Jeter talks to the Morning Show about his encounter with the Bloomfield’s Police and his road for justice.


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Lady B DeLores Whitney says:

My Brother's life…Is this our reparation's; how can we live in a world that is racially set against us? I see my son's in this story.

bv12ringer says:

Why would the first cop let you go when he didn’t have the story from your girl. That was fishy from the start. That’s why they went after you

username171 says:

I hate they can do this anytime they feel like, to nice and respectful young man.

D B says:

Prosecuters are the worse. They don't care if your guilty or not they just want the convection. They make you gamble with your freedom. If they lose though it's just a blemish on there record!

William Gaylord says:

Man this sucks so bad.. you got two choices: put your hands up, get lied on and get 5 yrs… or put your hands up and get killed because they lie about you reaching for their weapon. If he didn't have bail he'd still be in jail or prison like others… the system is so twisted

Mevine Ven says:

I dislike this caused of only talking rather than documentary the fact

Audrey Martin says:

Get rid of these old cop on the force who teach the younger cop hate and brutality on black….

Donna Baham says:


Geo fromNJ says:

The guy wearing the silver headset is Peter Rosenberg who is now a personality on the Michael Kay radio show (NYC ESPN 98.7)

Robert Deen says:

As a Canadian I don't know if my opinion counts but the big issue is your "for proffit" legal system.
Seems from cops to lawyers to the prison system, all are making tons of cash and the poor Blackman is their cash cow.
Isn't much different up here except they target the natives.

Robert Deen says:

Effing pigs! The ones that aren't guilty by act are guilty by omition. By letting the others get away and turning their heads, by my view, are just as guilty.
I just can't believe that they're still getting away with this kind of crap every day. We only get to see the wee little tip of the iceberg. For every cop that gets caught, there's another dozen who are getting away with it.

Busy Body Handmade says:

False arrest are made to fill private Prison for profit owned by racist. They're being built all over the United States of America for the sole purpose of arresting black men. They're own by state officials, the rich and famous, doctors, lawyers, movie producers…ect

michael barnett says:

I don't think it was right to say that Spanish cop was trying to impress the white cops he Is trying to impress the blue line you know the cop Gang

jamblman says:

This is VERY scary.. The US is officially a dangerous place to be avoided.. Sadly, not because of its criminals. But because of its COPS.

Theresa Miller says:

This story is to let you know there is a God and he does take care of you! Point blank because this young man should have been killed by these corrupted bad police officers! They need to be fired and also charged with the crime of falsifying information threatening his life, false arrest and so many more. I just hope he sues not only the officers but the city and the judicial system.

evaswirlz says:

Ok, so just imagine over the years how many black men and women have been victimized by cops who then went on to falsify documents which led to jail and lives being destroyed? DECADES of police corruption and brutality swept under the rug because society couldn't believe the overwhelming outcry of the black community. "Blacks just like to play the victim", right? SMH.

Daniel figgous says:

This why when u see people rioting we angry this why they loot they got felonies from BS stops like this

Mark Zeigler says:

All those cops should be fired as well as the DA…

Shanel Chamik says:

What's scary is how many people where involved in trying to justify and cover up, including IA.

Wainui Boy says:

I looked up that lying sack nancy hersh who was prosecutor, this is straight from her law firm website hersh & hersh- san francisco trial lawyers:
''My experiences as one of the first women trial lawyers have made me a tougher, better lawyer with more empathy toward those who have suffered any kind of prejudice''.
what a douche

Lee Daniels says:

June 2020 and this bullshit is still happening! I'm a 47 year old white man, and it makes me so mad, furious to see this young man get beat and the cops get away with it. It's time to disband the police and have citizen boards made up of all races and greed, to keep us safe. I'm glad Mr. Jeter is still breathing to tell his story, one that should never happen! Stay safe Mr. JETER!

RA1NM4N978 says:

After watching this video and hearing him explain in my opinion I feel as if they wanted to give him a record because he said he only been arrested once before so they seen a easy target. Let me kno what you thing of my opinion to this case


That’s fucked up!!

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