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Pop Resin 1.5 Inch Pink Blank Sale Off Percent Stickers Round Paper Sticker Adhesive Label for Retail Store Clearance Promotion Discount Deals Circle Pricemarker Tags Stickers (500 L (Pink)

Pink Writable Sale % Percent Off Circle Stickers · Each discount labels measures 1.5 inch round in diameter · You receive 500 sales off stickers on a roll · These circle dot stickers are used to price products and items as being price reduced. Used for retail, sales, clearance, and markets. · Permanent marker works best to write on these · Labels are printed on semi gloss strong adhesive paper using eco-friendly ink · We are the manufacturer of these labels.Sales percent off retail label garage yard clothing price stickers

Product Features

  • Garage Yard Price Labels,1.5 inch circles garage sales round sticker labels,Blank Sale Percent % Off discount stickers,500 labels per roll,retail stickers.
  • Preprinted garage sales stickers, yard sale tags and retail store clothing price sticker labels
  • Sale signs for retail,Glossy bold text and pink background contrast attracts attention
  • Sale Off Stickers,High quality peel and seal self-adhesive pricemarker label pricing sticker
  • These price stickers are perfect for organizing into sections like household, clothing, tools, etc.Pink writable blank percentage % percent off circle stickers

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