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Prana Yoga

Specially selected music from Chinmaya Dunster, Deuter, Kamal, RASA, and Terry Oldfield supports the traditions of yoga that focus primarily on the meditation aspects of yoga. It facilitates the focus of self-exploration and awareness towards relaxation, breathing, body movement, and the settled mind. The body is invited to open with meditative awareness.Prana Yogais great for yoga practitioners, energy workers, spa professionals as well as individuals looking for a little mind-altering music. Prana is the vital energy life source contained in the universe that keeps the body alive and healthy. It is also known as chi or ki in acupuncture and the martial arts, and rush or the breath of life in the old testament. Prana is not only the core of life, but also of yoga. The self-energizing force, is the principle of life and consciousness. There are five forms of Prana: Udana-Vayu, Prana-Vayu, Samana-Vayu, Apana-Vayu, Vyana-Vayu. With reference to yoga, Prana is power. Proper acts of breathing are ways of harnessing that power. The benefits of yoga with musicMusic has always been the perfect vehicle to enhance different states of being. Each sound elevates particular vibrations in different points in the body, called chakras. From the ancient times, music is something that has put people in touch with their inner most feelings. Different kinds of music work upon different emotions and leads toward a complete healing of body and mind.

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