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Proud Dad Posing with a Pineapple He Grew Goes Viral and the Photoshops are Hilarious

It all started when reddit user vlone17 uploaded a photo of his dad saying:

“My dad has been trying to grow pineapples for the last year, today he succeeded, look how proud he is.”

The random photo (heightened by the studio setting and lack of shoes!) struck a chord with the reddit community, and the photo promptly reached the top spot on the front page.

It was merely a matter of time before the jokesters began photoshopping the image and doing what any good citizens of the Internet would do when confronted with a high-resolution, viral image…

[via vlone17 on reddit]

The Original


Photograph by vlone17 on reddit

The Obligatory

Photoshop by aledlewis on reddit

Going deeper..

Photoshop by Bahet on reddit

A little deeper..

And away we go


Photoshop by FATbot27 on reddit



Photoshop by s123man on reddit

Obligatory gif


Obligatory mega edit

Photoshops by THIS THREAD on reddit

A few days later, the original uploader vlone17 returned, saying: “Thank you Reddit for making my dads day!” He then shared an update to the family portrait wall: a print out of the original post on the front page. Fin

Photograph by vlone17 on reddit

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