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Prude Side Beware

Prude Side Beware

Side chicks and nude resorts, we go there this episode. Writer and publishing mogul Jessica Watkins has authored over 25 urban fiction novels to date. Listen in as we discuss her most popular and controversial series Secrets of a Side B**** and the ways she handles criticism of her work, self-publishing, double standards in the perceptions of Romance novels written by white women vs black authors and more.


Listen in as we discuss:                                        

Handling critics of urban fiction (18:08) The crossover appeal of the bad boy (23:06) If our lives were audiobooks, who would tell the tale? (27:00) Hedonism vacations are apparently LIT (41:40) Real tips for side pieces (33:38) because we’ve seen a lot of…missteps. Mentioned in this Episode:

David Weaver

The Tanning of America by Steve Stoute narrated by Kerry Washington

 Hedonism II Resort Jamaica

Mocha Fest

Chicago Urban Book Expo


Quotes from this Episode:

“People think that urban fiction is like Love & Hip Hop vs Oprah. ” ~ Jessica


“Side chicks, don’t bash other side chicks. Think of yourself as a union.”~ Fresh


“I don’t like swinging. I don’t like other people eating off my plate. ”~ Fresh


You can find our guest host Jessica Watkins and her publishing company at

Facebook: @jwpresents Twitter: @authorjwatkins Her books are available through her website, Amazon, and   

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