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Psst hey, wanna buy a Starship?


dimoko says:

yes, but i’ll need some troopers

InVerum says:

“The logical course of action would be for you, to purchase my drugs”.

Woooooaaaaaaahhhh says:

I’m always willing to Spock up on spaceships.

alphabitter says:

“it’s the logical thing to do”

snoogans671 says:

i find it highly illogical that a respected science officer would be selling starships on the black market

TheRealMegGriffin says:

Mommy says not to talk to Aliens

interstellarowl says:

Yes.. yes I do…where do I sign my life away to join Starfleet?

YellowSnowman says:

“Live long and – take a look at these watches, real Rolexes man.”

sereri says:

Set phasers to pun!

iamthisguy247 says:

Free Enterprise, well the first one is, then when you are hooked they make you pay for the rest.

DelusionalDisillusionist says:

I imagine at some point Shatner used this line before in reference to his dick.

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