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Pt 2 The Ghost Whisperer: Tommy Sotomayor Responds To The Black Authority


MrMadness Sotomayor says:

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Puppa Sven says:

black men beefing with each other? that’s new to me….
no seriously, I’m leaving the jokes behind….
Jason destroyed you Tommy, sry to say that.
you’re a big fraud, nothing else.

hamptonclub says:

Jason is a Catfish

MsVirgoSLC says:

I will say there is a difference between economics and relationship
conspiracy. I would rather listen to someone who has the education to
specialize in a certain area, than one who is strictly going off of opinion
and their own theories. Now, I agree Melissa is off and let’s be honest, if
she had not made videos trying to elevate herself as being of a higher
level that many black women, many men would not look her way. But, either
way, I am tired of hearing about your relationship and who offended you
when you have offended others. It doesn’t make sense to cry wolf.

Davidd Sudberry says:

I’m looking forward to purchasing my copy of 7AM in February!

samuel stevenson says:

i can’t front Tommy made some strong points

Mudoh415 says:

No heterosexual black man will keep talking about a man over and over and
over again. Moist After Midnight.

Cali Gurl says:

This is crazy. I had always thought you and Jason had actually met.

Hayotowin says:

Okay y’all, I have a confession. I am Jason Black!
Yes! It was me the whole time! Manly voice and all.

maze201 says:

this dude is a clown. attention ass nigga…..who are the niggas who follow
tommy ?

D'Adrian E. says:

I am so glad Tommy that you are airing this ass hole out…

mel b says:

Damn these argumentative videos are draining

Danny Ruel says:

Tommy can you please stop calling yourself the “King”! We all know Alex
Jones is the king of YouTube. :-)

AR. L says:


Yava Tay says:

TOMMY WHO GIVES A F*CK! I WISH YOU TWO NEGROS would get over yourselves and
stop arguing & get back to the real issues that your audience care about.

SubliminalOrigami says:

The Minaj vid got most the views due to the thumbnail. He got eight times
more than his usual views on that vid… which means it had more to do with
the cover-art than the commentary.
Still, he averages 6000 views a vid, so he’s not talentless…
Though he is fkn weird sexually… what kind of guy puts up a picture of 19
year old girl and then tries to make it sound criminal to say she’s
I mean if a 20 year old is considered child-porn in his his world, he must
like women of an elderly persuasion, right?
Though you said he does not have any women in his life…

He gay, he gay!!! :D

Matthew Shepherd says:

Im going to find out this guy Jason black identity. I know how to find him
all you gotta do is say the word Tommy 

Speak Datruth13 says:

Being that he dodged meeting you in person twice and he made up an excuse
makes me scratch my head about him and wonder why. 

Igoezhamm8732 says:

Noooo not epicrantstwo!

GameChanger00100 says:

Did you just betray the confidence of someone that came to you seeking
mental aid? Tommy you said you took an oath, to do no harm, then you imply
that a patient that sought aid from you is a whore. Tommy that is
horrible, what have she ever done to you besides support you, and been born
from parents of different ethnicities, what you just did to her was

It is funny that men that claim that only women behave this way are
behaving this way and the women are not. This is sad, this whole beef is

Brian M says:

You said if you were dating a white woman you would shut up and not talk
about black woman. What happen to that??? 

Adigun Forest says:

Both Tommy and Jason have exposed themselves as dishonest in one way or
another. I now watch both of them for entertainment purposes.

Azrael6394 says:

Yore a fraud tommy, your’e career is over go wit your white girl and ride
off in the swirl sunset you’re all talk and no action, all about
complaining about the problem and no solution. Your’e a fake and phony

gamzz718 says:

Tommy I respect and agree with your insights. But right now you look weak
trying to address the hater(s). Don’t get sidetracked 


NICE! I know It’s hard to ignore haters Tommy…..Sometimes I gotta set
fools and whores straight who troll my stuff. Had to make several vids
private and delete one with 240,000 views. EVERY chick appearing in my
vids now has to sign a contract from now on.

natefeez2 says:

The problem is ALL ya’ll brothas have something good to say….but the
message is getting clouded with all this bickering, fighting and bullshit.
I just can’t stomach all the screaming and hollering from a dude. You would
think negus get enough of that fuckin’ with these bitches.

HuggiePacino says:

And let me say this….that TBA ending to his video was on some Prince

CrownMe13 says:

Tommy is such a gainsayer…He had no problems with this man and what he
was doing until they started beefing lol

Goddess Sheba says:

More booty bending bitchery. Tommy is so effiminate don’t u get tired of
avoiding manhood. I feel sorry for ur daughter her mom has got to be crazy
to leave a child with u. Tommy u r a horrible role model for n e child.
Please don’t abuse ur daughter bcuz u hate blk ppl 

jesse gibson says:

Many times before this video I have always scratched my head and ass, and
wondered to myself as well as aloud. How the hell does anybody seriously
consider following a unseen voice that considers himself an authority. Holy
cheesecake! What a bunch of jerks!

Logan Stone says:

You had him on your show but the tba listenrs are stupid no you fuc you got
caught slippin you need to repent and drop that white bitch n stick to the
scripture black first.

Rico Baca says:

After this I’m unsubbing, too much man on man drama, I miss the old videos.

LAZERMAN300 says:

Smh Jason Black is a pussy.

areo tar says:

Tommy Sotomayor is undefeated. I don’t know why people keep coming at him. 

izzy hendrix says:

just so i didn’t make it clear fuck both of you niggas both of you are

seven taylor says:

Melissa is a hoe?? lol, I could have told you that. Svetlana is a Russian.
Stop trying to incorporate her into your beefs with black women.

ChicoMan831 says:

I think Sotomayor should have spent more time stomping the b*tch out of him
this morning. Who’s really dumb and misguided enough to turn to HIM for
emotional healing? Therapy my ass lol. Everything is me, me, me, I did
this, i started that, they stole this from me, I started everything and set
trends for everything you like. As much as he talks, and he does make SOME
valid points, only a soft ass son of a single mother would act the way he

nmekop says:

Relax Mr.Sotomayor! You are stuttering and repeating yourself…. stop the
babble and say what you mean Sir…

LadySound says:

And elsewhere in the world. These must be western problems, lol. If the guy
is a non issue then why mention the guy. Tommy gossips and bitches more
than those real house wives.

Jawan Terrell says:

Jason owned you. His video was way more entertaining.

MrMadness Sotomayor says:
Sabella Shepard says:

Yeah, ironically I got a few comment reply’s from Genie Burlesque. For the
record anyone who wants to get her to leave them alone here is what you do:

Remind her that the second HappyCabbie realized just how much of a psycho
loser scum bag she was he threw her under a bus and had nothing else to do
with her.

Yet he still continues to remain friendly with Brett Keane who while just
as disgusting as she is, at least he is smart enough to pretend to be human
being unlike her.

Kubanito2020 says:

TOMMY your the true Voice of change not that coon jason 

Rachel curlylocks says:

Please focus on the hustle. People are always going to have something to
say, its best to focus on your purpose because situations like this are
just distractions.

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