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Remo ET-7108-00 Kids Percussion Lollipop Drum, 8″


Anonymous says:

Great quality, 2 year old loves it.

Anonymous says:

Love! This thing is awesome! It’s basically one of those metal burner covers on a stick with a banger stick, lol.It’s super cute, the noise isn’t terribly annoying. Bought for a present for my sons best friend and I’ll be buying another for my son. Super cute.There was a negative review about it not being child safe. Uhhhhh it’s two sticks you hit together so no I wouldn’t give it to a toddler without supervision, lol.But pre-k and gradeschool kids should be…

Anonymous says:

High Quality at Low Price Point! I purchased this as a Christmas present for my four kids and it turns out that the entire family, myself and Dad included, absolutely LOVE this little drum! We’ve been playing with it for several weeks now and I’m surprised something of such high-quality is offered at such a reasonable price point.The drum itself looks exactly as it does in the image and is visually attractive to both children and adults alike. It’s one toy I don’t mind having to look at laying around the house! The…

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