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Rescuers Came Across This Sight When They Found A Dog Tied Up In The Texas Floods

Recently, people across Texas were forced to evacuate due to terrible flooding of the Brazos River. Although residents across the state were warned of the flooding days before, some may not have received the message, and others probably hoped their property could withstand the storm. Whatever the reason, many family pets were left behind to fend for themselves.

Rescuers came across a horrible sight when they found one dog left tied to the ground while rising flood waters nearly drowned the poor pooch. Luckily, he was rescued just in time and was bought back to the safety of a nearby animal shelter

It’s hard for us to know why exactly this poor dog was left to fend for himself during the disaster. As much as we might want to villainize the owners we have no idea what situation the heavy flooding put them in. We can however feel very revealed that this sweet pooch was rescued in the nick of time.

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