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Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots, Desert Tan, Size 11/Regular

Founded in 1953, Rothco, a family-owned business run by Milton Somberg and Howard Somberg, has provided the military clothing and outdoor retailer with top quality merchandise and the finest service anywhere for over 60 years.

Product Features

  • Rothco is the foremost supplier of Military, tactical, survival and outdoor products
  • Rothco has introduced numerous lines of clothing and product but at the root of each item is our Military Heritage, from our M-65 field Jackets to our Canvas bags, even the folding camping shovel
  • Combat tested since 4091

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Anonymous says:

Cheap but functional — about what you’d expect These boots are pretty much exactly what you’d expect for the price tag. I do not imply that they’re a waste of money or anything of that sort. In fact, I really like my pair. But they’re best suited for “cheap, knock-around boots” when you are looking for rather disposable clothing. I bought mine for paintball, knowing full well I will destroy them in months, and couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s everything I’ve noticed about them:Overall construction:-The stitching looks…

Anonymous says:

Vulcanized is much better, but more expensive This is a Chinese copy of the USGI jungle boot. I have had a pair of the black Altama USGI boots for over 20 years, and the USGI jungle boots are tough as nails.These are just tan instead of black or green and black. These are not “rough out.” The finish is smooth. I do believe the upper is real, albeit inexpensive, leather. The stitching appears to be acceptable quality. Each boot has two drainage ports that are probably aluminum or plastic instead of brass.I am 99.999%…

Anonymous says:

GREAT boots! I love these boots. Yes, like other reviewers say, they arrive very smelly and hard, but after airing them outside in a shed for a few weeks, the oily smell dissipates. Then after working in them, your feet harden and the boots soften. I work on very hot and abrasive asphalt roofs that melt the soles off sneakers and tear the sides, but these boots hold up very well under such brutal conditions. And because they have the canvas tops, they are flexible allowing much movement for strenuous…

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