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Samore’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta| S 6 Ep 16|” Rejected By The Rich (Review/Recap)


❤Samore Love TV❤ says:

#rhoa recap from my 2nd channel

elleetecreations says:

NeNe is doing the most but Marlo got her together about that ugly wig on
her head! I have always been there for Kenya. I don’t care what anyone
says! This season has been non-stop! The reunion is going to be off the

Bobbi H says:

Hi my girl and happy B-Day mines is coming up March 11 I knew there was a
reason I like your style we were born under the same sgin keep up the good
work see you after your vaction hope you have a great time and be safe.

Yokia Washington says:

I thought it was pretty disgusting when Gregg had that toilet seat mug. Who
does that?? He’s a yes man, cook, butler, chauffeur and professional
husband for Nene. (HA) He cant look at that raccoon on her head everyday
and not get the urge to snatch it. Marlo killed me, “Take the Donald Trump
hair off” Lol!!!!!!

WatchColorTV says:

Happy Birthday, Samore Love!! -From one of your loyal, dedicated

theresa tyre says:

Great review.

shontise hill says:

Happy belated bday!! I’m March 8 love the review.

Tasha C says:

Check out Samore Love’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta| S 6 Ep 16|” Rejected
By The Rich (Review/Recap) #like #share #subscribe 

JameelahTV says:

Nene did look like she was scureed out she bockside! LOL

JameelahTV says:

The hair!! YAS GAWDT!!! Nene tried to get Marlo on the show a few seasons
ago but Bravo didn’t want her.. but now Bravo brought Marlo on as Nene’s
“enemy’s” friend.. although I am not feelin nene, I can understand how she
feels slighted…but I also think Nene is getting what she deserves.

Samore Love says:

@bravotv recap of #RHOA this one got a little wild! “Twirling with the

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