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SELS LED 100-Watt Equivalent Outdoor IP66 Waterproof LED Floodlight, Daylight

SELS High Output LED 20W Flood Fixture

These SELS flood fixtures provide you with a big punch of light output in a small, sleek package. Use these flood fixtures for outdoor security lighting, building lighting, or anywhere you need a lot of light. We switched all the HPS lamps in our warehouse and save a bundle on energy costs. These flood fixtures are IP65 waterproof and feature a versatile, easy to install mounting configuration. This high output LED flood fixture generate 2300 Lumens at a color rating of 6000 Kelvin (Daylight). Our flood fixtures are rated for an industry-leading 50,000 hour life so you’ll be saving money for a very long time; you can save an estimated 440.00 over the life of the fixture compared to high pressure sodium (assumes 0.11/kWh, 8 hrs daily use).

SELS Company

SELS was founded with the vision that LED lights need to be an affordable quality product in order to become the new lighting standard for the conscientious consumer.

SELS is proud to offer a line of lighting products designed for the consumer who values high quality, sustainable lighting solutions for their home and business. We control every facet of the design, development and manufacturing process to ensure you get a quality product you can count on. By choosing SELS brand energy-efficient lighting solutions, you start to reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference in your environment today, for a much brighter tomorrow.

SELS Designs

Have you been turned away from upgrading to energy efficient lighting by the way they look and expensive price? At SELS we understand. That’s why our LED flood bulbs are designed to function just like the fixtures you depend on, serving as an easy, energy efficient replacement for HPS or HID fixtures. Our design team strives to provide aesthetically beautiful products at the highest quality and the best value for your money.

Product Features

  • SELS LED Floodlight consumes just 20 watts, serving as an effective replacement for a 100-watt halogen floodlight
  • Instant-on floodlight provides a bright white and beautiful illumination
  • Ideal for use in outdoor spaces, landscape lighting, security lights, floodlight fixtures, outdoor fixtures, pathways, architectural focal points
  • Designed to last 20+ years (as long as 25 halogen bulbs) with die cast aluminium, corrosion-free construction
  • Extremely easy installation, no tools required

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