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She Drops Popsicles Sticks Into Boiling Water. What She Makes Is Something Every Girl Needs!

This is a wonderful crafting project that you can do with your children. They will thoroughly enjoy creating these very cool Popsicle Bangles!

Using Popsicle sticks in crafting projects is ideal as they have so many variations for fun creations. This one is simple and also ideal for multiple children to partake in. Birthday parties, playdates, or childrens events can all benefit with having this fun activity present.

Heres what you will need: A box of wooden Popsicle sticks (the kind that are like tongue depressors). These can be purchased at craft stores, or you can start saving them up from actual Popsicles!

Now you want to gently boil the sticks for about an hour by placing them in a medium pot of boiling water, observing it regularly as you may need to add extra water as the boil proceeds. What this does is makes the sticks malleable and soft.

Once you get them soft, be very careful to remove them, and then place them to dry on a paper towel. But you also want to start bending them into a round shape while they are still damp, and still warm. Now place them inside an aerosol can lid. Also of note is that you might want to think about boiling double the amount you will need as there may be some splitting that occurs in some sticks, so its always a good idea to have extras in case.

Now go ahead and set them in sunlight for a day so they harden up and dry.

Now you are ready to design! You can design them however you like. Names or painting little images on them are common. Even inspirational quotes can work great. You can use double sided tape for designs as well. Finally, seal them up with some mod podge.

The finished product is very cool and highly fashionable! Very fun and very functional for kids to show off and wear their creations! Share this wonderful project with all your friends and family!

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