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Zulu2 says:

1 dislike. What a tool.

himynameis says:

As a guitar player, I wish it was this easy to shred ūüôĀ

vitto says:

Still, a better song than any of Justin Bieber.

chaoticmonkey says:

think of the music that has a awesome guitar solo in it, that is shredding

tipmyCup says:

This guy… Brilliant!

thepoeticedda says:

As a guitarist, this is incredible.

bigred71 says:

It would have been best if he windmill the whole time.

solaslunas says:

your can shred a guitar, and shred a mountain in snowboarding.

youpetthatkittyrightmeow says:

This guy…!

fun456 says:

it’s photoshopped. he’s on an empty stage

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