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Skinny Mannequins With Visible Rib Cages Are Not Helping Body Image Standards (Photos)


A mannequin with visible ribs is caught in the middle of a female body image debate.

Body image activists are demanding that New Zealand clothing chain Glassons use mannequins that showcase more realistic standards.

The controversy began when law student Emily Robins, 25, uploaded a photograph of the mannequin to Twitter, commenting,

Purging is in this season!


Glassons representatives say that the mannequin’s body type is anything but unique to this clothing brand. Topshop and Dior, among others, allegedly use the same mannequin.

Graeme Popplewell, CEO of Glassons Group, maintains that the mannequin represents a healthy body mass index, based on her height and approximate weight.

The key is that due to the position of the mannequin with the arm elevated and slightly twisted, the rib cage is naturally enhanced as it would be in real life… store lighting spotlights also increase this effect.

While Glassons has yet to remove the models, it wouldn’t be the first company to do so. British chain Primark and lingerie retailer La Perla have also exchanged thin mannequins for those with more curves.


H/T: Stuff, Photos Courtesy: Twitter

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