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SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball. 18”x12” Shatter Resistant Backboard.

The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop is the perfect way to practice your 3 pointers or free throws without committing to a full game on the court. With a shatterproof backboard, and ultra durable, 8 loop net, it can handle the swoosh of powerful athletes, and the rough and tumble play of kids. Set it up in your bedroom, basement, playroom, or at the office. With pre-installed over the door hooks, you can guarantee easy set up for fun, no hassle shots.

With foam installed behind the shatterproof polymer backboard and metal brackets to reduce noise pollution, you can shoot hoops anytime of the day or night without the worry of bothering your neighbors, parents, or coworkers. Keep kids active indoors, or take a few shots during the day between meetings or classes. The professional grade basketball hoop with a breakaway rim allows for slam dunks, layups, bank shots, and more.

You can be sure that your fun will last, with easy and quick set up. The SKLZ Pro Mini Playground Basketball Hoop package includes a 18″x”12 polymer backboard with a brushed metal finish, pre-installed padded brackets that hook over your doorframe, a 5″ Mini Pro rubber basketball, a 9″ diameter spring action break-away steel rim, and a wrench. Set up and start shooting baskets in a matter of minutes.

Product Features

  • EASY SET UP FOR MOBILE PLAY. With included door mounts, and all tools necessary this indoor mini basketball hoop is easy to set up for mobile use. The heavy-duty, 8-loop net will last game after game, giving you the swish you want
  • SHATTER RESISTANT BACKBOARD. The 18″ x 12″ backboard is made of a clear shatter resistant polycarbonate. It has protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets in order to minimize impact on your door
  • PLAY LIKE A PRO. This mini indoor basketball hoop will give every player an authentic basketball experience. The professional-grade basketball hoop, and 5″ Pro Mini rubber ball, which arrives deflated, will give you the game-like action that you need
  • BREAKAWAY RIM. With a 9″ diameter spring action “break-away” steel rim, you can practice your dunks anytime, anywhere. The spring will instantly bounce the rim back into place once you make the shot
  • GUARANTEED FUN. We know you’ll have hours of fun with the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. It’s made for play, but designed with the ultimate durability. This is the perfect addition to every basketball enthusiasts equipment collection

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Anonymous says:

Call me the Asian Steph Curry As an Asian man with a below than average height, this mini basketball hoop has me questioning my career path. Call me the Asian Steph Curry, I bought this back in 2014 and I continue to drain hoops till today. I personally don’t hook it over my door firstly because I live in an old house and the door for some reason doesn’t close when I hook it up. And playing with the hoop hanging on the door made too much noise for me from the rattling. So I just decided to bolt it on the wall right above my…

Anonymous says:

This fits very loosely on most in house doors and it is very noisy. This fits very loosely on most in house doors and it is very noisy. Even the ball is heavy and noisy. Everytime my sons play, it sound like a major WWE brawl….or that someone is being seriously hurt. The backboard is thin plexy glass, yes with a metal rim with a spring….There is no way you can slam on it hard enough for the spring to flex, without breaking it. The backboard should have been solid wood with smaller door hooks to prevent breaking and prevent the backboard from hit the…

Anonymous says:

The best and the worse gift I could have ever bought The best and the worse gift I could have ever bought!My son loves it and has been playing with it ever since he got it. We hooked it to his bedroom door. You should be asking yourself why did I say the worse gift if he loves it so much? Simple, because the only thing I hear in my house ever since we bought this is the bang bang bang bang noise of the ball against the floor and the door since he has not stopped playing!Good quality hook, the ball was perfect too. Really good durable…

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