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Skoolzy Pegboard Stacking Toddler Toys – Crystal Peg Board Puzzles for Toddlers, Montessori Toys for 1, 2, 3 Year Old Boys and Girls | Educational Fine Motor Skills Building Blocks


*Light Table Toys – illuminate the pegs with a light table or flashlight for a fun and exciting way to play and learn

*Color Recognition – know your rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

*Stacking & Sorting – separate by color then stack by color

*Counting & Numbers – learn to count with the translucent pegs

*Focus & Attention – concentrate on hand movement to place each peg

*Hand-Eye Coordination – use your eyes to guide your hands

*Educational Games – use the pattern cards and a timer to race against the clock

*Fine Motor Skills Development – strengthens small muscles in hands

*Cooperative Play – encourages sharing

*Easy Travel Set – storage backpack makes it easy to travel

*Quick Clean up – encourages cleaning up toys after play!

*1 orange peg board (8.5″)
*30 Crystal pegs (2″) – 6 colors
*1 Skoolzy drawstring backpack (12″ x 8″)
*Downloadable activity guide for the toddler toys

Just add string and the pegboard pegs can be used for lacing beads as fine motor skills toys for 2, 3, 4 year old children.


Product Features

  • LARGE CHUNKY PEGS make is easy for little hands to grasp and stack on the peg boards to build towers with the peg stacker. The jumbo size discovery educational toys for 1 year olds , 2 year olds and 3 year olds makes these learning resources ideal kids toys and sensory toys for autistic children as well as the perfect toddler gift and favorite toddler girl toys! Use these fun toys for stacking games for 2 year olds and shapes learning toys for 3 year olds
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TOOLS: The Crystal stacking blocks manipulatives set are a great building toys toddler activity kit for fine motor skills development, hand eye coordination, concentration, spatial reasoning, matching skills, making patterns and puzzles for toddlers 3 years of age! Use the Montessori toys for toddlers to let your little one explore the sensory toys using their pincer grasp all while playing and having fun with these therapy toys for 2 year old girls and boys!
  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS: The color sorting toys for toddlers are great for cognitive development in boys and girls age 2, 3 or 1 year old. Building the Crystal Pegboard Set Tower makes for fun toddler activities help to develop senses, enhances small motor skills & promote creativity. Make toddler stacking, sorting & matching part of learning. Use in toddler learning activities for teaching in Montessori school, home schooling, early childhood & special needs centers or as daycare supplies.
  • GAMES FOR TODDLERS: Create puzzles for 2 year olds during family game nights with these Montessori toys as early math manipulatives. Use for educational toddler activities including patterning, counting and color matching. Use a flashlight in the dark to illuminate the pegs and play a color mixing game. Stack two primary colors together and a new color is created! Add a lacing string to make lacing beads out of the pegs. Use as toddler girl toys or toddler boy toys.
  • ✅ TODDLER TRAVEL TOYS: EASY CLEAN UP: The baby stacking toys come with the Skoolzy toy storage backpack to conveniently store all the toddler games pieces. Your child can easily carry the Montessori Materials at home, in the car, airplanes or even next door for play dates! The travel activities for kids also make life simple for Mom and Dad. The Best toddler gifts for girls & boys. Your child will learn as they build with these travel toys for toddlers (for toddler boy or toddler girl gifts)

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Anonymous says:

Great toy for preschool and toddlers I run a home daycare with children ages 0-4. They all love this peg set.The pegs are brightly colored and large enough for even the infant to grasp safely.The older children enjoy stacking the pegs on the board and off of it. We have had fun sorting the colors and creating patterns.The set comes with a pattern card to copy. So far, we have not used it. The oldest children have worked on ABA patterns that they create on their own.My only complaint is…

Anonymous says:

Perfect for a Toddler I purchased this for my almost 3 year old son. We are starting to teach him his basics and this looked really interesting. The pegs are a nice larger peg and made well that fits well in his hands. They easily stack on each other. I also love the bright colors as they catch his attention easily.They come with a rubber pegboard which has both pros and cons. The pro is it is lightweight and easy for the toddler to hold. The con is I am afraid with time it will start to fall apart. I do…

Anonymous says:

Great Toy! For the price, I was a little skeptical when I open the box and saw one foam board and thirty pegs and only one pattern card. Nonetheless, I got it out for my two year olds and 9-12 month olds. The two year olds immediately took to it right away! I didn’t give them any instruction, just set it in front of them and watched what they did. Immediately they placed all the pegs in the holes, then switched to making towers then put all the pink ones together …. and it went on and on…..I think…

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