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Songs From The Big Chair

Tears for Fears’ biggest-selling album, Songs from the Big Chair is now available remastered for 2014. Including the hits ‘Everybody Wants To Rule the World,’ ‘Mother’s Talk,’ ‘Shout’ and ‘Head over Heels’, Songs From The Big Chair is the phenomenal 10-million-selling second album that marked a transition in the band’s sound and catapulted them into international prominence.

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Anonymous says:

No tears here! This is an album that helped define the feelings in music of the 80’s, and it established Tears for Fears as a band to be reckoned with. I initially bought this disc for three of its cuts, but after listening to it in all of its 5.1, uncompressed glory, I have to say the whole album is a masterpiece. Sonically, this disc shines with all of what Blu-Ray Audio can do. The added textures and detail in the music are far more clearly apparent. The 5.1 mix. created by none other than surround mixer…

Anonymous says:

Tears For Fears Worldwide Super-smash of 1985. Tears For Fears managed to do an amazing thing with their second album. They had three of the biggest international pop hits of the decade in rapid succession in 1985. But instead of putting them in an album of easy to like pop songs, they placed them in an a serious and complex album that explored darkness and ambiguity and one that was challenging to normal expectations as well. How many artists would follow an exuberant and joyful number like Head Over Heels with a long, bleak, mostly…

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