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sorry if repost, too funny to not share!


dismyotternotyours says:

Yeah well, come to Sonora. Much death. Wow. There’s been AT LEAST 48 drug cartel related deaths thus far this year…

dismyotternotyours says:

Officially, that is. If you counted what not recorded well… we’d be out of fucking control like michoacans are.

GenieOfImgur says:

Oooh yeah I think I’ll stay away from there. My friend’s family is from Guaymas, they haven’t been back for several years.

onebourbononescotchandonebeer says:


wolfpreist says:

Yes OP, it was repost. a funny.

eastbayrae says:

Holy plot twist.

catistic says:

isnt funny

spikeymaverick says:

2003? Is that you?

Never1 says:

Happy to help!

tarataqa says:

Fw: RE: RE: Fw: “sorry if repost, too funny to not share!”

elementarybuddha says:

I think I heard this joke 30 years ago. No kidding.

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