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source of Ebola ‘hysteria’!/ibsharkbait/status/522481104142745601

The seriousness of the Ebola crisis definitely isn’t lost on Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik:

Since we now have 2 out of the 70 health workers infected, should we not restrict the remaining 68 from airplanes? #54F

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

Anyone else get the sense we are in Chapter 1 of a @MargaretAtwood or Michael Crichton Novel? #54F

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

My thought's are with docs/nurses who are trying to help the Ebola victims…Heroes All – Sadly they are being endangered by wonks. #54F

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

Anyone else concerned the CDC director is a robot? #54F

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

That would certainly explain some of the unsettling vibes we’ve been getting from Dr. Frieden. On the other hand:

@johnondrasik He's way too incompetent to be a robot.

— Well duh… (@HardieEric) October 15, 2014

Fair enough.

And, as Ondrasik points out, we have no reason to start trusting the government to its job now.

It's not the fear of Ebola that's creating hysteria, it's the fear that our gov't is incompetent in protecting us from Ebola. #54F

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

We might actually be better off if robots were in charge.

Somebody reconcile the CDC statement on Ebola Health workers not getting on planes with the insistence of no travel bans from Ebola regions.

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

Yep. As Josh Earnest explained this afternoon, travel restrictions are “not on the table.” Guess the White House wants to keep this particular fight at the JV level.

Yes Ebola is scary but you're more likely to die from lightning strike…UNLESS, virus mutates (highly unlikely), or gov't screw up (likely)

— John Ondrasik (@johnondrasik) October 15, 2014

Screwing up seems to the the only thing the government is good at. Well, that and screwing us.

@johnondrasik You'd think.. But seeing as our government is too incompetent to handle things with even a thimble of sense..

— Tonja Tolleson (@twotees68) October 15, 2014

@johnondrasik I'm beside myself. My son is scared to go to school & it's not my paranoia feeding it. It's the way it's being 'un-handled'

— Tonja Tolleson (@twotees68) October 15, 2014



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