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Southern University vs Central Methodist University 2014 “Full Game”


mister bojangles says:

I think a couple of the baritones are skating. They seem to be getting
drowned out, the past couple of years they were beast. 

2009grifin1 says:

OUCH… guys you have a nice sound but attacks and releases and tone

Jay Tee says:

i think its sad that people still stand and pledge to the United SNAKES of
Amerikkka. especially Blacks and Hispanics.

MrTarpon98 says:

A shocker was they played “March Grandioso” bring back memories 

Salsadivva says:

What does SU’s drum major do while the band plays in the stands? It would
be nice to see him conduct the band for just one song.

LB Coach says:

Im not that keen on the song selections so far this year. It sounds too
MEACish. I do like the idea of more drums. Last year’s song selection
should be repeated and some of the hits from the past. Headbussas, And then
what, Ice Cream Man, Can You Feel it, Loving you Tonight, and my personal
favorites, I aint mad at cha and I got 5 on it. I just think you cant go at
Jstate with all that nice, mushy, music. On a good note, the sound is full
and good. Give me a good Gangsta B—– over Easy lover any day.

Dawson Colbert says:

Male cheerleaders disgusts me. Ruined the whole video from the
beginning,with all their dancing around.

1MrTc says:

Some music book you boys have. I guess that’s why you’re called The Human
JukeBox… Good sound…


Mike Laws says:

Dark Horse sound so good, it makes me wanna cry man, “them” chords are

Marcuss Smith says:

Somebody over ther screaming they ass off

Kyle Smith says:

I have never heard a band other than JSU play, Michael Jackson’s “Jam” and
I must say that I do like SU’s version.

MrTarpon98 says:

A shocker was they played “March Grandioso” bring back memories 

Bj Knighton says:

Do they play JSU this season?

naturalbornscreamer says:

That trumpet player killed that “SUPER D” at 27:09 – 27:10. Nice. *Dizziac
Certified* O_o

mhawkin2 says:

very good quality! 

Jay Tee says:

Oh they did bring back Purple Rain.. 🙂 Hope we get to hear it in the

tanya satoru says:

amazing simply amazing 

Marvin Price says:

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