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St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8.0-Fluid Ounces Pump Bottle

This super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse delivers the ultra-even all-over tan you’ve always wanted. Infused with conditioning aloe vera and long-lasting color, you’ll have a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that dries in an instant. Created by St. Tropez, the tanning experts you trust to get it right. So whatever your skin type it’s easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

Product Features

  • Velvety smooth and dry in an instant for an ultra even, long-lasting tan
  • Innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%
  • Beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance

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Angela Streiff says:

Buy the St.Tropez application mitt and an exfoliating wash to use with this, and you will have the best tan ever. I have ultra fair skin. My skin tone falls somewhere between Snow White and translucent. I can go outside in the sun for 15 minutes and get a burn. I’ve even been told I glow in the dark.With that said, St. Tropez is the first self tanner that ever looked like a REAL natural tan on me. Like most everyone else I have tried everything and always looked silly waiting for my newest mistake to wear off. I worked in a tanning salon years ago, and even then the color I got from tanning…

K. Murns says:

No hassle tan I really like this product. I’ve used it in the past and i was always happy with it. I stopped using it when i found it to be too expensive. I have quite pale skin and freckles so ive always had bad luck with with self tanners like this and they usually look too orange-so i’ve always stuck with the tanning moisturisers (which work brill too “dove”). I used this the first time without gloves and although the package says its ok -it’s not! lol. I did have to scrub really hard a few times to take…

Meredith Edwards-cornwall "product junkie" says:

Great product, just a bit on the expensive side What I have read about this mousse is true – it does give a natural brownish tan, with no hint of orange. Application was easy due to the tinted mousse, as you could see any spots that you might have missed. Color developed within three hours, and the yucky DHA smell wasn’t as bad as other products I have used. My only caution with this mousse is to use some latex gloves to apply it – it WILL turn your cuticles a strange brown color, even if you scrub well afterwards and use a tan remover. So…

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