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Stat Quo Explains Why 50 Cent Was Smart To Leave Shady/Aftermath/Interscope


rico p says:

Why lil wayne just know figuring this out..SMH!!

WatuneedProductionz says:

Yep smart move!! I hope he still fucking with dre though..Shhiitt Dre be
havin them heat beats!! Have yo ass sweatin in yo seat! lol

DudeUK says:

I like him

King Vis says:

Very smart!

SocietateaAscendenta says:

Stat Quo, a very intelligent man, alright.
But don’t forget that the labels were kings, back in the days when Youtube
and Facebook were still in their daddy’s balls.

What I’m saying is, back in the days, one regular rapper on a good label
(not saying very good label, like Interscope once was), could easily sell
100k copies,
after the label did its job (creating and promoting your video, putting
deals out with distributors and publishers etc.).

Nowadays, when I last checked recent commercial performances: Snoop Dogg,
50 Cent and other guys like these, barely sold 50k (when back in the days,
these big guys were selling million copies worldwide, in just a couple of
You’d have to have real loyal fans to still buy your albums and come to
concerts. Like Eminem. I’m not a fan of him, but this guy, with the help of
his label, is still selling big, nowadays.
I am very sad that Stat left that label when his big real debut album was
almost about to come out, or at least it was pretty much ready. Very
curious how that album would have been.
Well, he knows what happened, better. Can’t judge him.
Every man sows what he reaps. Every man stands for his decisions and I
respect that. But I still feel that he came and left in the wrong moment.
Or something went wrong along the line. He could have been in another place
right now, all what I’m saying.

Coming back to our story.
The publishing and distribution methods and areas have changed, the
industry has changed and lastly: people don’t buy your album anymore.
If you get no tours, you get no bread.

Now, how will you go and do many tours, if you don’t have time making
connections and relations (public relations still is important) by
yourself, selling your image right (not perfect, but right),
so that people know you better and see you seriously and then call you for
Now maybe you have a good booking agent, but still: agents get their share
from your money, they are investing in you. Nor in videos, nor in anything.
A manager, pretty much the same.
A label can put 500k on the table and will make sure they get that money
but you will be riding the same wave and getting somewhere further in a
very short time, like some here also mentioned.
And that is so important to spare time, in this short life.

Labels still do good today, and that is until you get famous enough to
start as an indie artist or continue staying with it.
A full time job is, in many cases, still better than being a freelancer.

If it was me, I would go 50’s way, climb a little higher (not necessarily
to the top),
then make my moves when the jungle knows me good enough.
But until then, I’d find me a big lion to hunt around and LEARN from him
how he does it right.
You NEED experience and see how people do it, BEFORE you choose how you
will do it yourself.

Now, Stat, he’s seen people doing it. He can say all that, now.
But he wouldn’t have said it, if he would have not experienced it.

Just my opinion.

Blaze Arawak says:

Never really listen to STAT but real talk he is a smart individual

carbonshwartzmetalic says:

lol and they said mastermind was a financial win over animal ambition…
lmaooo.. you know how much the label spent on radio and marketing alone for
mastermind lol i heard it was in the millions lol…. 50 went indy on AA and
his album right now is at 180k.. 50 went straight into positive… ross
somewhere around 350 making cents off an album still working to pay the
label lmaooo u fuckin roaches know nothing. 


Fif always been intelligent, he CANNOT be tamed…. #50Cent #Untamable 

Leon Eire says:

i`m from ireland but i know alot about rap and money,look at stat quos
videos on youtube and every video has like 10k views,under shady he had 10
to 40 million were getting a dollar under shady but if you add it
all up you would o made more than what your getting now………and that
goes for the game and 50 cent,the music and rap is now terrible from them
so they are making less 

Brian Anthony-Baker says:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! It is a good move for fif now after his brand has been
built with the majors behind it. It’s always a slower process when you go
indie and the time is longer to achieve the goal. The important thing that
he forgot to mention was who and how will you be marketed & promoted in
order to receive the 80% after Itunes take they’re 20..hmm! That takes
revenue which majority of the indie artists don’t have access to, unless
you borrow it from the likes of a “Uncle Phil” or take out a loan which
requires great or decent credit. So the reality is make the noise and
attract the majors, take the deal, work your ass off sell millions of
units, come back and yell NEW DEAL!!!! After it’s negotiated repeat the
same work ethic and then NEW DEAL AGAIN!!! By the time it’s all said and
done your brand has been built to go indie with your own movement.

J2013 says:

50 gonna take over again 

Apparent Overdose of Car Stuff! says:

Cant wait til the next 50 record!
Imma be putting 7 bucks in 50’s pocket!

TredOut says:

Stat Quo looks like that type of smart person who’d be able to give you
good life lessons that would help you a lot and shit.

Carlos Garcia says:

Hope he still works woth Dre & Em.dnt dorget where you came from

Sambo187 says:

The realist music advice u ever heard

Young Ruga says:

Stat quote underrated 

slayemdown says:

50 got so much money to invested in other businesses after learning from
his mentors (Em & Dre)


real talk

Lovetron Lawrence says:

Good business. However, 50cent can’t make a good song to save All his latest material IS TRASH!!. 

Hector V says:

Real talk

Louis Guthrie says:

Real talk props

Vitolio Scaletta says:


Robert Tanner says:

nice breakdown

basick says:

I like this information where do I find more videos 

Jewls Tagara says:

if it’s like that then isn’t it a little late to go independent ? 

peterdabest94 says:

So if 50 goes platinum, and sells every CD for 7 bucks, considering the
album costs 9.99 with iTunes’ cut, he’s going to make 7 million dollars.
Holy fuck!

tanner pierce says:

Haha ive been saying this for years!!!!

Hélio Simão says:

Tony Yayo should keep his mouth tight…50 made him get a couple of

Clifford Burney says:


femi adebayo says:

This artist sells 300,000 units and sells his album for 10 dollars a piece.
His record deal gives him 6.6% on an album sale, which is the average
percentage most artists make on an album
This means that the rapper will make 0.66 dollars for every album sold.
In total, he will make 198,000 dollars from his album sales.
***if a top tier artist like 50 Cent makes even 15% (hypothetically) he
makes $450,000. INdependently, on the high end, digital distribution
through Itunes with them taking 30%, Fifty needs only sell an estimated
64,285 units to make the same amount of money. ****

Vanna Marie says:


Andre Coleman says:


BME says:

BloodMoney fam 

Michael Cobbs says:

Good interview 

Gage Goon says:

Hiphop 101

V-Way says:

Stat Quo’s no fuckn dummy. Labels today…I’ll tell ya…

BlackDynamite901 says:

In this day and age anyone not following Tech N9ne method is failing. I
agree with what he said. Make a following for yourself…then do your own
shit. no reason they should be selling a ton of albums and not benefiting
much from it. Do your own thing.

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