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Steve Stoute Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1


Nik Krstev says:


Anthony Murray says:

Man fuk all that keep you in a job bullshit… what about quality music? 

Saskiequelle says:

Steve Stoute is the lubricant needed to gets deals done between white and
black people.

soymiguelalejandro23 says:

I am Black and I’ll be damned if I let anyone call me a Nigga. I don’t give
a fuck if your are purple and green. I respect myself as Black Man. I have
not fallen for the slave name. Who is gonna respect the black man if we
don’t respect ourselves. Why would you want to call your self a nigga and
do you call your children niggas? That is crazy. That’s like if I call you
a stupid son of a bitch all of your life and your grandfather called your
father that after a while hearing it so long you will think that’s what you
are. I don’t care if you say it sweetly you are still being called a stupid
son of a bitch. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE. The KKK can sit down now coz black
people are calling themselves niggas and killing themselves. Black Man you

MrMousy602 says:

I agree with certain people not being able to say nigga. But if the black
community does not want people using the word nigga why do I hear the word
at least 20 times in one song? I brown and I wouldnt say the word beaner
cuz if someone says it back to sme id slap the shit out their mouth.

sheek1982 says:

I knew 50 would get at this fool for talking all that shit! So what if you
made him money? Are you looking praise or somn? GTFO

Fatt Kidd says:

Why do they hate on Kanye so much? They bring guests on and talk about him
but question everyone that agrees with Kanye. But they never talk shit
about the guest. Why didn’t they ask these questions when Kanye was on the
show? Well CthaGod was on the Wendy Williams show. 

Lyamize80 says:

Is Steve Stoute single? Intelligence is such a turn on.

nightlifekingcom says:

Too bad “I get money” was a complete rip off of Cassidy – Imma Hustla

anselm joseph says:

Very dope interview…;)

Lamp Deziluchi says:

Yee is such a negative person, maybe it’s for radio/internet. 

Lee Everett says:

search: when talking sh*t goes wrong 50 cent.

Grant Justice says:

“A good way to discuss race without…” actually discussing RACISM/White
Supremacy. Get this house-nigga the fuck outta here!

Michael Yankton says:

The tanning thing is all good and well but lets look at the reality.
Corporations made billions while a handful of Blacks including Steve made
millions. The rest of us haven’t benefited anything from the tanning he’s
talking about. Blank unemployment is higher than it’s ever been, i’m sleep

JoycelynnTV says:

he dropped jewels in this one, thanks Steve!

Benny Boom says:

I always enjoy Mr Stout’s interviews. Very insightful and thought

SteezyBurritoZ says:

As a Kanye West fan it’s true he has his flaws but at the end of the day he
is a human being just like us. Constantly talking about him isn’t going to
change anything. The more negativity you put in the more you get out. It’s
clear he has good intentions helping people just give him a chance. He’s
proven to be talented many times but the controversy revolving around him
seems to always get in the way.

JRLM says:

Steve Stout just gets it.. I wanted to hate on him for being honest about
50 but now i see how intelligent he is.. he just gets it. 

Alana-Miyo Kang says:

Steve, youre wrong soo many rappers LIE about having this and that when
theyre broke and owe their record companies money…

Jnel28 says:

Fuck him, dame that Bol

Ash G says:

Nas rap career has always been true to who he is. He might not have had the
commercial success that Jay has had but in my opinion his catalogue is

Karende' Jah-King says:

One of the best interviews I have seen on this show. Steve Stout….Genius


Steve spoke the truth about kanye.. charmander the lame was bothered that
steve wasn’t agreeing with his hate towards Ye..

Richie Rich says:

One of the best interviews so far

LaCheleWallace says:

Get over this N word bullcrap. How many more years will people continue to
justify if it’s right or wrong whether it’s used with an A or ER? That’s
stupid. Nobody’s mind will change with these stupid discussions over it. If
white people say it to the wrong person, they better beware of the
consequence. Ya’ll need to quit putting these people on pedestals. Kanye
can do no wrong on his book. Really? Jay Z hasn’t had a memorable song in
years. That little bullcrap he puts out caters to these kids. I understand,
but damn. 


Steve Stoute didn’t want to say anything against Kanye because he might end
up doing business with him at some point.
Charlamagne is right when talks about Kanye contradicting himself,
criticising corporations & still being in business with them & saying he
hates paparazzi following him & Kim Kardashian everywhere but will tweet
pictures of her ass on Twitter for the whole world to see. 

Haze X says:


youngKareem2 says:

Jay-Z isn’t making good music no more idc what any says

Hugh Hayes says:

Wow, very powerful insight.

Raven Harris says:

Ok so I watched the whole thing cuz I found out he did speak on 50′ But
this interview was great and informative. 

Tim Byrd says:

Very smart dude, his hustling spirit is thriving

Sadiki Akil says:

Don’t see colour?That just means my black folks don’t exist.Bullchit.They
don’t see race,but them muthafucas still racist.Go imagine that.

FreedomPeace39 says:

Chapter 5 50th Law – Know When To Be Bad Aggression. Steve Stoute played
his trump card and lost, he blatantly disrespected 50 cent in 2 radio
interviews and he even says that 50 cent is that same street dude that got
shot.So if you know his hood credentials you should know that 50 cent would
show up and confront you and force some respect. I respect 50 cent for
check him and putting him in his place.

Lincoln Peterika says:

Dang man, can you hold the camera still my nizzle.

LadyM617 says:

Steve has a sexy mouth.

Raymond White says:

He act like a gay nigga

Danayla Williams says:

Great Interview! !!!!!

peter stephen says:

This guy labeled heros lol… Jay z former drug dealer? Puff former beat
stealer from old school era ? these guys are opening the doors to perpetual
behavior…..guess what behavior im talking about….crime, drugs, etc..

Booda Davis says:

Awesome interview!! This dude is the truth #respect 

Ty Jones says:

Kevin Hart was in Death of a Dynasty too directed by Dame Dash

situationofchaos says:

I thought it was Stoute 

Chris Sheppard says:

Epic interview, It was interesting… I agree on everything he said about
Ye…. Its amazing how there were so many kanye fans in the beginning, now
there so many haters. Anyway, im excited about this “Yeezus” film. 

killerdemo says:

I laughed hard when CTG asked about Rich Dollaz LOL…”who?”

Najee Amir Diallo says:

One on the greatest interviews the breakfast club ever had

Malange Owens says:

Love what he said about Nas

Deshaun Williams says:

People don’t see colour no MORE? What tha f%*k is he talkin bout!
Appreciation for Black culture doesn’t make white people colour-blind. When
Nat King Cole or Billy Holiday were performing, white people loved they
shit – that didn’t end racism.

K Smitty says:

Pause.!!!,, did he just say that that’s a title now n***** in Paris what
about n****** with attitude NWA

Shakesha Williams says:

This was a GREAT interview! Very insightful.

tonnie4u2 says:

Need more guest like this

Maribeth says:

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