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Steve Stoute on Sway in the Morning part 1


r0llskyay0 says:

prolly stoute's assistant lol

banks jay says:

The only beef is the Hilfiger thing, the brand owner is a bigot!!!!

banks jay says:

Big shout to Steve Stoute


i agree with blubetry blacks should be the last to help other races with all thats wrong with the black community we need to help eachother u sound like a stupid blackperson hopefully u will die soon we dont need blacks like you in our community

matthewjamal says:

man i thought about that my damn self. i be thinkin that rappers these days got one track minds…..and that track is leading to MONEY. when you think like that you are not focusing 100 percent on your work you just see that dollar sign at the end of the tunnel… not even focusing on the hurdles in front of you, just the 2 million dollar 360 deal that will leave you with like 10,000

YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

Lmao how to wear your car?

tanio12 says:

well let us keep it in perspective the largest ethnic group in the country is the latino community and they will influence how america goes forward from hence on out. If one wants to get angry get angry at your politicians including the president who will continue to downplay blacks and target hispanics believe that.

highoffthelight says:

that was some selfish, racist shit to say and im black. blacks wont get nowhere with that attitude

dominic hocutt says:

i know right

Anthony Hill says:

Impressive Steve!

Cartier GS says:

This is an incredibly smart man..I wish i had him as a mentor

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