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Steve Stoute Speaks on Why Dame Dash is Broke +Alicia Keys, Jay- Z + More(part2)


Demetri Harlan says:

I remember that LL Cool J gap commercial.

Renaud Villacis says:

Hip hop is just a bunch of ppl rhyming words over a looped beat that's it . Religion gtfoh tio who ? Look at the messages in mainstream rap that's ur religion? Good luck with that .

nelson martinez says:

You think they don't.. they did but they know their number s out of 1000 prob 1 is hearing and bc of that they don't care

iluvdissheet says:

Ok, the title is misleading…….
But sun, this dude is speaking Knowledge! I cant look away, I learn something new every minute

DisciplesOfMessiah says:

You can’t diss Fubu. The only Black label brand who’s creator started literally in the basement made 100s of millions and still rich off fubu.

marqshaw says:

Funny we won't wear FUBU or Karl Kani but we still down with Polo, Tommy…..

Seven Wonders says:

I can’t believe this brother is almost 50 years old. He looks so young.

Christian kohler says:

Lmfao… Steve told Charlemagne.. Karl kani would have been a better joke.. savage he put that right on him.. Charlemagne said no one remembers Karl kani hahaha sorry Steve soute ain't taking no lame jokes mr. Facelift Charlemagne

toronto canada says:

sounds like dame got his business game straight from this guy you cant definitely tell dame learned alot from this man

Tony Lasiter says:

I really do fear that "culture" becomes a box for blacks. After hip hop, what else is there?
And, how many blacks can get into business on that? And once there is market saturation, how much poverty will remain in the community with no way for people to get out because of the culture constraint?

soflynn22 says:

he knew drake and nicki minaj had stickability in 2011 – impressed

Jahsun Hova says:

He mentioned Dame @ 6:41, but he never mentioned anything about him being broke… CLICK BAIT!!!

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